The Patty Brisben Foundation For Women’s Sexual Health 10th Annual Gala

This Saturday, we are hosting the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health Gala with a glamorous Golden Age, Old Hollywood theme. Pure Romance has always been an event-driven company – and that passion certainly carries over to the Foundation. We truly pride ourselves on making our events fun! Every year, we strive to make this event bigger and better than the year before, as well as give our patrons an experience they will always remember. If you’ve been to one of our past galas, you know that this isn’t always an easy task; however, we have a brilliant and creative team, and we always find a way to out-do ourselves. And let me tell you, this year’s event will be truly incredible. As the 10thanniversary of the gala, we will be pulling out all of the stops! From the moment our guests arrive to the very last dance, there will be fun-filled, paparazzi-laden Old Hollywood – themed spectacles and surprises. Click on the image below to view the official digital invite.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.41.32 PM

The Gala gives us the opportunity to introduce even more people to the importance of women’s sexual health, and thank all of those who have worked diligently to contribute to this cause. It’s also a time to discuss upcoming initiatives, and celebrate all that we have accomplished this past year within our Foundation’s four areas of focus, including Vulvovaginal pain disorders, Sexual Health issues Related to Peri-Menopause and Menopause, Intimacy-Related Sexual Dysfunction After Cancer Treatments and Libido and Desire.

We are proud to announce that we raised $464,000 for women’s sexual health in 2014 alone.

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to watch this organization grow over the years, but there are still people out there who continue to feel uncomfortable when it comes to addressing women’s sexual health. I would never want my daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters to suffer just because no one wants to speak up about the “big pink elephant” in the room. The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health is led by people who aren’t afraid to stand up and let people know just how critical this issue is, not just to women, but to the very families their lives also touch. I’m so proud of the team behind this organization and the path we continue to blaze for women’s sexual health.

Please take a moment to read about some of the grants made possible by our Foundation here!

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  1. Genavie Sharp Nennig

    I’m very blessed to have found Pure Romance and The Patty Brisben Foundation! I’ve learned so much- I am confident in my new knowledge and in the role model I’ve become for my teenage daughter! Keep up the spectacular work Patty!

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