2015 National Training

April 17th – 19th is Pure Romance’s National Training – one of my absolute favorite events of the year. I’ve always loved this conference, even when I was a Consultant over two decades ago. Why? Because I understood that there is ALWAYS room to improve and learn, and before your team can be motivated, you have to be truly motivated. There are so many reasons that National Training continues to inspire me year after year; below are a few of my personal favorites.

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  1. For those Consultants who will be attending for the first time this year, make sure you come prepared. When I attended my first conference, I went with a checklist of things I needed to improve upon. For example, there were products that I just didn’t seem to sell well. I listed the ones I sold through the roof, and those that I just couldn’t move for the life of me. This helped me to really evaluate my inventory and technique, and plan ahead when it came to which speakers I wanted to see or approach. I still continue to think like this even when I attend conferences with the corporate office, such as the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH).
  2. I would always keep a pen and paper handy – I didn’t rely on my memory to hold so much information. I came home with note-after-note-after-note! The first two months I was a Consultant, my sales were so great that I was awarded my first incentive reward: a lighter (I didn’t even smoke!). But I didn’t care, because it felt good to be acknowledged, propelled me to move my business forward and made me reach for even bigger goals in the future. My first conference was in 1984 and guess what? By 1985, I more than doubled my sales! I applied everything I learned during that conference and I was able to reach the goal of being one of the top five in sales within a year; that’s the beauty of holding on to and absorbing all the information.
  3. For me, it helped to see what I could really do with this business. I met people who helped me not only prepare to build a team, but also challenged my sales techniques and help me understand my products better. It was motivating for me to meet the people who had succeeded, including some of the top Consultants in the company. To this day, hearing their success stories is still the best part of it for me. It was a sister Consultant who taught me to not work harder but smarter!
  4. National Training raises awareness. It gave me new information to present at my parties. Today, we are proud to have a lineup of the world’s best speakers who help our Consultants reach all of their dreams, whether it’s bettering themselves as businesspeople, or helping you to funnel more knowledge to people at your party. Everyone can take away something different – some will learn more about their body, others, how to communicate more effectively- it’s so important for everyone to have an “A-Ha” moment.
  5. And I can’t forget to mention how FUN National Training is – between our cocktail parties, the lively atmosphere and the opportunity to celebrate and build camaraderie with other consultants and network – it’s truly irreplaceable.  I’m still very good friends with two Consultants I met when I first started out; one was from Oregon and the other Wyoming, and we looked forward to that time as often the only time we could get away and have “girl time” with one another. 

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you, hearing your stories and sharing in your newfound excitement about owning and operating your very own Pure Romance business!


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  1. Marne Hansen

    Patty, I know I speak for so many of us, that we are very excited as well!! Upward and onward! Thanks for making the events so special and fun!
    Marne Hansen

  2. Jennifer Hendrickson

    I can’t wait

  3. pam moore

    Thank you. I feel the same way as what you said about your lighter. The feeling of being recognized for your hard work. Many sponsors don’t see it that way. Yes you have to stay a student to grow.

  4. Marysue fidale

    I am new to Pure Romance and look forward most on the sexual health training. I most familiar with Pure Romance through YSC. I am an oncology nurse.LCPC.and would love to develop my Pure Romance business for cancer patients..I look forward to the training.
    Marysue Fidale. RNC,MA,LCPC.

    1. pattybrisben

      Thank you to all of those who commented on this blog and shared your excitement for National Training. Marysue, I applaud you for your job -it’s not easy by any breadth of the imagination. I spent the last two years personally meeting with oncology nurses for a family matter, and years of working with young women under 45 going through cancer treatment. I know what effect this has from a medical perspective, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually on those going through cancer. All that these women are looking for is someone to guide them and let them know that there’s hope, and that they can have their life back after treatment. I’m so thankful for women like you and others coming here next week to not only become a better Consultant, but also learn how to give back further to their own community. Please introduce yourself to me – I will look forward to meeting you.

  5. Laura Evans (Fagerstrom)

    I am so excited! This will be my first National training! I have no way to explain what Pure Romance has done for me, after only 7 months! THAT makes me super excited for the future!

    I lost my husband (42yrs old) after 3 kidney transplants in 2010. My then, 16yr old son and I were in so much pain it was unbearable.
    I was also struggling with my Fibromyalgia and Narcolepsy.
    It was much worse after I lost my husband and I could no longer work as a nurse.
    With my doctors advice I went on disability for several years… My depression was severe at best.

    I met my now, husband, in 2012 and he was definitely picked by my husband and he, my son and I became a family.

    All things were going good and I was learning to be happy again…
    But I still had nothing “for just me” I didn’t even know what to say when asked what my hobbies or talents were. I needed purpose and something to strive for.

    I lost my disability due to my age… And was panicked as to what I could physically do for work! I met with my amazing friend and team leader Beverly Long, and I took a leap of faith and bought my kit.

    I have found something that has made me feel important again, and passionate about something! I am almost completely out of my depression, I no longer take medicine for it! I initially did this for money but found a much bigger treasure… An amazing sisterhood, empowerment, and excitement in living again! Losing my disability benefits was the best thing that ever happened and this career allows me to work around my sick days.

    I want to thank you and Chris for
    Creating this amazing and special company that I am so proud to be a part of! I will continue to work for my goals and enjoy my family.

    Can’t wait to meet you!

    Laura Evans (Fagerstrom)

  6. Stacy White

    Oh My Gosh!! I’m soooooo excited for my first National Training!! As a woman in my fifties and a mother and grandmother, Pure Romance has allowed me to retire early from my JOB, move to a new city and still have a great quality of life even though the hours I actually work are so much less! I feel empowered and I feel like I’m really able to teach women to be empowered too:) thank you Patty!!

  7. Mary

    It’s been many years since I have been so inspired. I just wanted to thank you and keep up the great work helping the women of the world. Truly a inspiration !!!!!!

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