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PattyMixedTape_0513Pure Romance Consultants, what songs get you motivated and pumped up on the way to your parties? I’d love to know! When I’m on the road, I love listening to special playlists on my iPod with a mix of “throwbacks” to my new favorites today. I’m kicking off my list with one of the best and most upbeat songs of 2014! Enjoy!!

Pharell – Happy

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

Neil Young – Heart of Gold

The Beatles – Let it Be

Patsy Cline – Crazy

Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

Chris Issak– Wicked Game

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good

Nico & Vinz –  Am I wrong

Elvis – I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (I also love the cover by Christina Grimmie of The Voice)

A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera – Say Something

George Strait – I cross my Heart

Webbie featuring Lil’ Boosie and Lil Phat – Independent

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)


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  1. Michelle Coleman

    I don’t have a particular list now, but I feel inspired to pull together a list! I honestly have started back to listening to direct sales help guides.

  2. Sylvia Mikulski

    I LOVE IT ALL….Good taste Patty…..

  3. Sunshine Reid

    I have a party list on my Ipod. Happy is on mine too 🙂

  4. Stephanie Welsh

    Great choices, it’s always nice to have a mix of classics as well as some newer music 🙂

    My latest playlist is
    American Girl/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (but I have the Swon Brothers from the voice on my list )
    All of Me/John Legend
    Best Song Ever/ One Direction ( I know, I know)
    Black Water/Doobie Brothers
    Bartender/Lady Antebellum
    Yours Forever/ Dara Maclean
    So This Is Goodbye / Evick ( I love a good breakup song! )
    The Blues Man/ Alan Jackson
    Behind Closed Doors/ Charlie Rich

  5. Frankie McClure

    I love your list, Patty! Some of yours are on my list also. Here are a few others:

    American Authors – Best Day Of My Life
    Michael Franti & Spearhead – I’m Alive
    Chicago – Saturday In The Park
    The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
    Goo Goo Dolls – Come To Me
    Paul Simon – Kodachrome

  6. Amanda chaney

    It really depends on my mood as to the type of music I’ll listen to. Country. Hip Hop. Rock. doesn’t matter. But ALWAYS prefer to listen to something I can sing to. There’s nothing that gets me going more than really letting loose and singing in the car! 😀

    I LOVE listening/singing to Hotel California by The Eagles. Also love the song Lay me Down by the Dirty Heads.

  7. Momo

    I’m now officially in love with you Patty (:
    Haha, or at least your taste in music.
    To get pumped, I listen to songs like “sexy love” by t-ara *even though it’s cheesy as all get out* or “the other” by Evo 9(ft candy mafia ) or “make you dance” Evo 9…

    If I’ve had a party That was a complete bust, I listen to “the remedy(won’t worry) ” by Jason mraz (:

  8. Jamie Waterhouse

    Great idea! I needed to pull one together. ” Let It Be” is fabulous! If I added one today, it would ” Stay With Me” by Sam Smith!

  9. Christie

    Patty, I love Katie Perry’s – Dark Horse at the moment. Oh and Sarah Baraellis – Brave 🙂

  10. Yara Horta

    Oh! I LOVE this topic because I relate everything to music! I have various Spotify playlists, but my favorite is the “Pure Romance: Songs” where I have special songs from my beginning in Pure Romance (2009) and that are able to pump me before going out. My favorite: Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It” -Natl Training 2011.

    Michelle Coleman- please share the direct sales tracks you’ve been listening =). I have been watching YouTube’s videos for this, but would prefer something to listen before going to sleep.

  11. Yara Horta

    WOW! I’ve enjoyed your playlist!!! Various sexy-chic beats in there! I <3 it!!!

  12. Jessie

    I absolutely love that Patsy Cline is on this list! 🙂 I listen to her on vinyl a lot! Nice selection Patty! 🙂

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