Success vs. Significance

I attend numerous events every year. Most of them are related to Pure Romance, like this March’s National Convention. There are hundreds, thousands of women gathered in one area—it can be a blur. But what I take away from events like this is what matters most. And I guarantee that I learn something each and every time.

What I was most amazed by a few weeks ago in Vegas, and what’s amazed me at other Pure Romance functions, is how many women come up to me and tell me their stories. First and foremost, I’m thankful that they trust me in sharing some of the most intimate details of their lives. They tell me their struggles with their families, their home lives, their insecurities, and their fears. It’s hard enough to face these struggles, let alone share them with another. On the other hand, they also share their greatest triumphs. It means the world to me that my Consultants feel comfortable sharing this with me.

The women of Pure Romance come from all types of backgrounds, but there is one common struggle we all have—self included. There’s the relationship of success versus significance. Before I get into this, let me explain what I mean by “success” and “significance.” Success is what the outside world would see as success: great career, making money, having a nice home, driving a nice car, and so on. Significance is the need to grow personally, to have a life rich with family and friends; this is the level to which character is built.

Now, after talking to thousands of women, I see that we struggle with success versus significance. These aren’t mutually exclusive. Women need to have both in order to be happy. A woman will not feel satisfied if she has only success in her career. That will feel empty to her. Imagine rising to the top of your field and having no one to share a bottle of celebratory champagne with. Your success suddenly feels meaningless, and this feeling will nag at you. Women need to feel loved and appreciated by others, which is why our lives need significance.

One breeds significance by nurturing her family, partaking in culture, becoming sisters with Consultants, and teaching her customers how to be in touch with their bodies. This will be rewarding on an entirely different level. Success rewards the mind and significance rewards the heart. You can’t have one without the other if you want to experience true happiness.

We are all at different places on our journeys. I’ve felt exactly the way some of my Consultants have in the past. I know what it’s like to feel as though you have to carry the weight of the world on your back, or that you have to completely overhaul and restart your life. I promise you I’ve been there. Where am I along my journey in this very moment? I’m at a point where I get to celebrate the success and the significance. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve found that delicate balance between career happiness and personal happiness. My head and heart are in alignment, and I have all the women surrounding me to thank.

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