Making a Facebook Transition

Being a businesswoman comes with lots of surprises. You learn to work with a multitude of personality types, you learn how to manage the ins and outs of finances (you’d better!), and you learn the importance of keeping all projects and your schedule organized. These are all things you know ahead of time; you know they are a part of business. Often times, these thoughts keep me up at night.

However, one thing I never, ever anticipated when I set out as a businesswoman 30 years ago is a little (ha!) thing called Facebook. Facebook, the social media platform that initially was created to help college kids connect, now keeps me up at night. I know, I never would have expected it, either! Facebook has become a social necessity—I have to stay connected to everyone. That’s just how it works in 2012.

Several months ago, I started hitting the 5,000 friends-mark on my profile page. I was excited to gain more and more friends, but I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t let me have more than 5,000 friends! Turns out, that’s just a Facebook rule. Personal profiles are not allowed to have more than 5,000 friends. Is there an “un-like” button for that?

To accommodate my friends and fans, though, I have made the tough choice to ask all my friends to “like” my Facebook brand page. I will be shutting down my personal Facebook profile on April 26. I want to stay as connected as possible to everyone, so please make the transition with me—and please continue to spread the word!

Facebook has turned being web-friends into a business…and I can’t say that I blame them. I just wish it didn’t keep me up at night! Please remember to make the switch with me!

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