Best of YOU List!

Allure magazine prints its Best of Beauty list every year, honoring awesome products and salons around the U.S. The Grammy awards acknowledge the best artists, albums, and performances of the year. The Oscars honor stand-out actors, films, and musical scores. Every city, publication, and industry honors its best qualities and moments of the year. But do you acknowledge your own best qualities and moments of the year? Now is the time!

Fill out the below list about yourself to see how you’ve done in 2011!

My favorite moment of the year was __________________________________________________

I deserve the _________________ award this year because ________________________________

My most stylish moment was _______________________________________________________

The greatest personal success for 2011 was ______________________________________________

I’m most proud of myself for ____________________________________________________this year

I never thought I’d do it, but in 2011 I __________________________________________________

I had the best time with my friends when we _____________________________________________

I had the best time with my family when we ______________________________________________

I had the best time with my significant other when we _______________________________________

I felt sexiest when _______________________________________________________________

My healthiest choice of 2011 was _____________________________________________________

My happiest memory of 2011 is ______________________________________________________

The biggest learning experience of 2011 was _____________________________________________

Now that you’ve reflected on your 2011, think about how you filled in the blanks. How did you feel while you were filling this out? Probably happy, I hope! Think about these moments you wrote about: What’s the take-away? What can you learn from those experiences to make 2012 even better? Focusing on the good you created in 2011 will help you create a surplus of favorite moments in 2012! Remember the effort, energy, and attitude that went into creating your bests and figure out how to emulate that time and time again. Let’s make 2012 the best year yet!

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