A Small Tribute to my Most Important Role

On April 21st many years ago, my first son Chris was born and I became a proud mother; a role which has been by far my favorite of all the hats that I wear. You can never truly describe this kind of love until you become a mom, and the special bond between mother and child can’t be compared to any other relationship in life. I wanted to take a few moments to recognize the beauty of this role.

As with so many other women, it goes without saying that my family is a huge part of my life, and I’m especially thankful that I have the opportunity to work alongside my children everyday, who share my vision and passion for this business.

And so today, on my first born’s actual birthday, I’d like to wish Chris a very happy day. You were the one to introduce me into motherhood and taught me so much about the demands of parenting- which is as tiring as it is fun. You allowed me to make those mistakes all first time mothers make and through them we both grew together. Thank you for teaching me so much about life, sharing in my business and most importantly, being a mother.

What I most admire most about Chris and the one thing I know he would want to be remembered by is that he always takes the high road. When someone is upset, he’s the first to remind them, whether it’s me, one of his friends or a Consultant that we need to hold ourselves to a higher level by saying “you’re better than that.”

He truly appreciates everything that he has in life and still to this day says thank you for everything, whether it’s a double cheeseburger or a meal at the finest restaurant. Even through his work with Pure Romance, Chris tirelessly shares my passion for bringing our Consultants the best resources, the best incentives and the best support network they can possibly have.

The bond he has created with both staff and Consultants has left a lasting impression, and here are just a few shout outs I’ve collected to help him celebrate his day:

“It’s hard for me to talk about Chris without getting emotional! It’s not often that you have the honor of knowing someone, yet alone working for such a person, who possesses such down to earth and genuinely authentic qualities that you find yourself feeling proud, inspired and impressed every time you’re with him. This is the case with you, Chris. Watching you grow from young man to dynamic leader (and all of the stops along the way), with so much grace, class and conviction for your passions, continues to make me proud to know you, work with you, and love you!!!! Happy birthday my friend … and I wish you a long life filled with many, many blessings!!!”
-Sheila Booth, SBI Marketing

“Dear Chris, it does not seem like your birthday at all because we are not together on an amazing, exotic, Pure Romance trip! I’m very happy you will be home sweet home to enjoy it with your incredible family. Having the pleasure of knowing the cast of characters, I’m sure it will be tons of fun! I adore you Chris. A pink bright aura surrounds you. Thank you for your energy, your wisdom, your forward moving spirit, and the love, friendship, and (let’s not forget!) money you manifest. You are a gift to my life, my family, and men & women everywhere. The world continues to be a better and better place because of you. Your birthday is the celebration of many, many people. Party ON!!!“
-Leslie Zay, Executive Board of Directors

“Chris…you are a GREAT owner and executive for your family, for the employees and for all those that you touch on a daily basis. I know you will experience great success for many years to come! Have a GREAT birthday!”
-Wayde Triska, Vice President, CFO

“Today we celebrate YOU!
The Native American saying, “Thank you for being”, absolutely applies to you. Your love for your Consultants, your employees, and your vision of Pure Romance is a gift to the world. Every day you strive to evolve yourself – and those around you into their highest potential. You always help everyone achieve their dreams, here’s to your birthday wishes (and dreams) being granted in 2011!“
-Rieley Scott, Communications

“Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing men I know! One who has guided, inspired, and loved each person he meets. Chris, thank you for believing in all of us, for helping us achieve our dreams, and most of all staying true to yourself. This birthday I hope you WISH REALLY BIG – you deserve it!!”
-Heather Battles, Creative

“Miraculous, energetic, charismatic, inspirational, determined, caring, intelligent . . . even the most powerful words we know don’t seem to fully describe the amazing qualities of Chris and his impact on those who come to know him. Could it be that he’s creating a new way to describe success? It is definitely so! Happy Birthday Chris! Know that when you blow out your candles we have our own birthday wish for you: That you know how appreciated and admired you are for the many gifts you give each and every day.”
– Cheryl Force, Vice President of Sales

“He is an incredible leader and mentor. I have grown so much as a person and a business women because of his guidance, dedication and support. The amazing thing, I am one of thousands of women who can say this about Chris. It is truly his passion to help women find the life they deserve.”
-Erin Hoschouer, Training

“Chris is a true visionary with an uncanny strategic mind. Combine that with his outstanding people skills and terrific friendship, and you get the force of nature that is Chris Cicchinelli. Outside of my parents, no one has been more influential in my growth as an individual both personally and professionally. Every Consultant should consider herself lucky to have such a leader on their side, I know I am.”
-Chris McIntire, Business Development

But through everything, he puts his family first. Even while he’s stretched so thin between his role as President of our company and his young family, he makes sure to give everyone in his life true quality time.

So, happy birthday Chris! Be sure to respond to this post with your own well wishes, or, if you see him on Facebook, be sure to also tell him to have the great day that he deserves!

Family celebrations of life and love are the moments in my life that I live for. I’ve been so lucky to have a big family that seems to be growing by the minute and hope that all the mothers, daughters and sisters out there reading this can share in this motherly love as well.

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