Bringing Sexy Back

Last week I was shopping at a shoe store in Naples and ran into one of my favorite local waitresses, Nicole. She was trying on a pair of classy high-heeled platform shoes. Nicole was a soccer player for years, so it goes without saying that she had beautiful toned legs that were accentuated by these heels. However, when I complimented them she quickly responded, “I don’t normally buy shoes like these.” I was perplexed and asked her why not.

“I’m over 30. I don’t want to be that girl at the bar that everyone says, ‘why is that old lady trying to act younger than her age?’”

My mouth dropped open. Every woman has the right to feel sexy, no matter what their age. I own a pair of platform heels that, on the right occasion and with the right outfit, can be the perfect complement to a ‘feel sexy’ evening. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should step out on Sunday morning wearing a cropped tank top, belly chain and Daisy Dukes! I am saying that every woman should own something in her closet that makes her feel sexy and without any excuses or apologies. On an added note, she should wear it with confidence and not rely on a glass of wine or shot of liquor as liquid courage before leaving the house to wear it! As long as it is fitting with the occasion and your overall style, there shouldn’t be any room for discomfort.

Being sexy is something that goes beyond attire and is all in how you carry yourself. I see very sexy women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, and rightfully so!

Below are some of my favorite sexy women who defy worn-out societal views of sexiness later in life.

Christie Brinkley

Helen Mirren


Jane Fonda

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Oprah Winfrey

Sharon Stone

Sometimes we lose sight of our sensual and sexual nature as we get older. We get so caught up with our various wardrobes: our gym gear, our ‘mom clothes’, our career attire; we compartmentalize our style and usually fail to even invest in a sexy wardrobe because we think that time has come and gone. Well, I have news for you – it has not. The only person who keeps you from being sexy in life is you. Don’t be too hung up on what other people think. So next time you pick up those long dangling earrings or that strapless dress, don’t be so quick to toss it back on the shelf. There’s a time and a place for everything and that one piece of jewelry or clothing can give you that extra ‘Umpf’ on a night when you want to make an impression.

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