¡Latinas Apasionadas Con Pure Romance! (Passionate Latinas with Pure Romance!)

In the last year, Pure Romance has taken off in Puerto Rico with women exhibiting more of a passion and demand for this business opportunity than we have seen in years. The women I have met from this region have blown me away with their stories and commitment to their businesses. One Consultant from the San Juan area was having a difficult time financially and told me after she became a Consultant she put a chart up on her fridge where she marked off her progress and sales weekly; she and her entire family shared in her successes and saw how through goal-setting they could overcome their struggle and prevail.

Two other stories were equally touching and I wanted to include them below. They show how women band together to support one another in times of need, and how sacrifice is a small price to pay when it comes to achieving your greatest dreams.

“I always knew since I was a little girl that my life would be special and all my dreams would come true. From the moment I learned about Pure Romance and about how Patty began her company, I understood that my life had come to spring and it was time to bloom.

At that time it was difficult for me to get the small investment that I needed to start my dream life, so I decided (with a single purpose in mind) to let go of things that had been with me for a long time in order to use them as the key that would open the doors to the world for which I so hoped; that’s when I decided to sell all my jewelry gifts (bracelets, rings and earrings) that my parents had given to me since I was a baby and used the money to buy my Starter Kit. Five months later I had already achieved Director Level and within the next two months I achieved Senior Director. This is only my 10th month with Pure Romance and I already have 33 women on my team and on my way to National Director! I’m so grateful for the opportunity!!” – Yelitza Cabiya, Pure Romance Senior Director

“Before Pure Romance’s National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, I received a call from one of the girls on my team who was accompanying me on the trip; she was very concerned about the attire for the Awards Banquet. We both realized that we did not have enough money to purchase gowns and had no dresses to wear. We called some of the other local women attending and found that another Consultant was in a similar situation. As the family we are, we took a chance and called several of the girls in our group and told them our dress sizes and said ‘your sisters and I have nothing to wear to the Awards Banquet in Las Vegas!’ The next day more than 40 dresses arrived at my house!! The ones we wore on the Awards night came from Senior Consultant Mabel Medina, but we also took dresses from Director Diana Rivera and were offered dresses from Director Lisdania Melendez, Director Janice Jimenez and her daughter Eyleen. The same day a friend called and offered seven mannequins from a recently closed store; when Senior Director Yelitza Cabiya and Director Marilyn Moralis arrived at my house, some of the dresses were already on display! We had a blast during the “fitting” and later at the Awards Banquet in Las Vegas!

I am so grateful for this amazing business, but certainly my biggest benefit is the amazing women surrounding me because of Pure Romance! Next year we will be sitting next to the amazing ladies who lent us their dresses. The feeling will be as overwhelming as it was that night – when I felt that, through her dress, Mabel Medina was there with us holding Yelitza’s hand on her way to the stage to accept Recruiting Rookie of the Year. Thanks again to Pure Romance for making all of this possible for us and bringing together friends and family”. – Beba Alejandro, Pure Romance Director

The sacrifice and sisterhood displayed in these stories is truly what it’s all about at Pure Romance! When I started as a Consultant years ago I reveled in the friendships I made and the financial freedom the business awarded me; it was my dream to share this opportunity with as many women across the country as possible. I never dreamed it could reach women as far as Puerto Rico and beyond and I’m so thrilled to see it touch their lives as it has mine.

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