Yoga and Sexual Health?

Earlier this month, the Patty Brisben Foundation had a Board Meeting to discuss potential grants and future funding for 2010. One of the local organizations we met with requested funding for a program which focused on Pilates and Yoga as a means to improving women’s sexual health. I have to be honest; at first I thought this was completely preposterous! However, when I looked around the room at our Board (which is made up of some of the most prestigious health care providers out there) I noticed none of them seemed as surprised or confused by the idea as I was. After further discussion, I learned that studies have shown a positive and beneficial connection between these types of holistic exercise programs and increased sexual health.

Needless to say, I was immediately intrigued. Coincidentally later that evening, I was at a Holiday party and ran into a colleague and his wife who also substantiated many of the claims made earlier that day during our meeting. I had to learn more and it wasn’t long before she put me in touch with an amazing Yoga instructor and Energy Healer named, Jen.

Here was a woman who said she was always picked last in the gym, and had always experienced a general disconnect between her body, mind and spirit. Yet, through Yoga and energy work she was able to transform her personal body image and shift her relationship with herself entirely. Far from the uncoordinated child of her youth, she now has cat-like reflexes and has discovered a new sense of empowerment that has spilled over in every aspect of her life, including her intimate life with her husband.

I had dabbled with Yoga once in the past and I have to admit I felt a strange feeling of irritation and animosity come over me. After speaking with Jen, I realized that these aren’t uncommon responses. As Yoga opens your physical body old trapped emotions and energies can be released and I agreed with her that it’s better to get that out than keep it in.

So how is this related to improved intimacy and sexual health?

Some known advantages to using Yoga to improve sexuality include:

Improved sensitivity – Breathing exercises alleviate anxiety and help relieve stress factors that can often inhibit sexual activity. It also helps you become more in touch with your body’s sensations and become in tuned with how these feelings directly relate to your mind, body and spirit.

Strengthening Pelvic Floor – There is an advanced Yoga practice called the Moola Bandha which works to strengthen one’s pelvic floor muscles and sex organs (think Yoga’s equivalent to Kegel exercises!); this can help enhance orgasms as well as aid with childbirth. Many pre-natal Yoga exercises concentrate on the thigh, groin, hips and back which are important focus areas when it comes to giving birth.

Improved Fitness Level – Everyone knows when you are fit and in shape you not only feel more attractive but literally become more attractive. Yoga is a wonderful resource in toning muscles and increasing endurance, coordination, energy and agility. These are all amazing attributes to have in your arsenal when it comes to having better sex.

Increased Experimentation with Sexual Positions – Anyone who has ever picked up a book on sexual positions knows how many hundreds of options there are, but there are many which are easier to attain with a toned and flexible body. Yoga can help you achieve the confidence and fitness level needed to reach new heights of passion in the bedroom.

Stay tuned for 2010, because this year, I’m committed to bringing even more information to the forefront when it comes to ways on improving women’s sexual health. The most important thing is to not mask problems, but rather address them head on. There are so many choices when it comes to resolving sexual health issues and it’s good to be open-minded and explore all of your options before making a decision. Yoga just might bring you the perfect balance to help you attain a healthier, sexier you!

I’ve signed up for every single Jen’s classes and if you are in the Cincinnati tri-state area, I recommend you give her Light Body Studio a try, too! To learn more, you may contact Jen Painter directly at, or by phone at 513-379-1020.

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