What’s the Lubricant 411?

As many of you know, Pure Romance has been taking part in Empowerment Summits throughout the country training and empowering our Consultants to take their businesses to the next level. During this all day training I get the opportunity to do what I love to do: educate our Consultants about Pure Romance’s products. This past Empowerment Summit I attended, some of the Consultants raised very important questions they receive from their customers regarding our lubricants.

Below are some of those questions and answers which I will hope shed some light on this must-have product.

Q: What is the difference from a Pure Romance lubricant and a lubricant that I can buy at the grocery store?
A: The first major difference between a Pure Romance lubricant and one that you can buy at the grocery store is the privacy you receive when purchasing our products. You don’t run the risk of running into your boss or one of your children’s teachers when you are purchasing a Pure Romance lubricant. The second difference is the quality of our lubricants. I make sure that Pure Romance lubricants are of the highest quality. The lubricants sold in grocery and drug stores have a high concentration of ingredients that can often irritate the skin over time. Pure Romance has the lowest amount of these ingredients. We formulate our lubricants for all women, even those who are highly sensitive.

Q: If a customer has sensitive skin but wants to try a flavored lubricant what should I tell her? A: We carry two different types of lubricants: our every day lubricants and our playful lubricants. Our every day lubricants are gentle and formulated for women who are sensitive. I would advise a woman who has sensitive skin to stick with an every day lubricant. If she wants to try a playful lubricant, I would advise her to place a pea size amount on the inside of her elbow before bed. If she wakes up rash free then she should be okay to experiment with the playful lubricant during intimate activities.

Q: Do lubricants affect a woman’s fertility?
A: Lubricants do not “kill” sperm, or else they would be listed as a form of contraception. However, lubricants can decrease the concentration and mobility of sperm in the vagina, but this does not pose a problem for women who aren’t experiencing fertility issues. Lubrication can make intercourse more enjoyable, which may increase the frequency of times you try to conceive, which can indirectly increase the likelihood of conception.

To learn more about the lubricants we offer, go to the Lubricant section of the PureRomance.com website.

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