Let’s Talk about Sex!

While reading Glamour magazine I came across an article where one young, brave woman named Darci said she was experiencing pain during sexual arousal. It crippled her dating life and even turned her away from pleasuring herself due to the pain she experienced during sexual arousal. After years of feeling hopeless and mistakenly blaming herself, she finally found the answer. Bringing issues like this into the lime light is a difficult thing, but a major step in the mission to broaden awareness among women.

Today’s society is jam-packed with sexual messages in music, media, entertainment and even everyday conversation. Yet, the message we consistently see is that people “enjoy” and “desire” sex. In reality, when it comes to sexuality there are so many circumstances where women silently suffer because they feel it is “wrong” or “taboo” to admit or even talk about.

I’ve always believed that education combined with permission leads to sexual empowerment. When I started doing intimacy parties back in 1983, I began to realize how through this platform I was in a position to truly help women. I was educating them about their body and the intimate aspects of their love life, and with every lotion, lubricant and bedroom accessory I discussed they were opening up to each other about private secrets that they never would have felt comfortable talking about before. They were giving each other permission to discuss sexual health topics that their mother and society told them to remain quiet about in the past.

If these women didn’t discuss these topics, how would they ever find the permission to let go of the message that it is wrong to enjoy sex? And if they continued to believe this message, how would they ever seek the education necessary to enjoy their bodies to the fullest potential? Over the past decade it has become easier for women to discuss the enjoyment of sex, but what about the women who still aren’t enjoying it? Ladies, it’s my hope that you will help one another find the courage to speak up about sex and intimacy and not be afraid or embarrassed about something that is such a beautiful and natural part of life!

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