Romance Awareness Month


August is Romance Awareness Month and with less than a week left in August, now’s your last chance to get romantic. Then again, Pure Romance is a big advocate for EVERY month being Romantic Awareness Month so use this week as a jumping off point for a commitment to making your relationship romantic throughout the years to come! Below are our top ten tips for revving up the romance:

1. Hold hands. Touching, cuddling, being affectionate – these are all givens when couples first get together. They foster intimacy and romance and are just as important in the beginning as years down the road when things have gotten comfortable.
2. Random acts of thoughtfulness. Did your partner notice a piece of artwork, clothing or some other coveted item while you’re out and about? Pretend you’ve barely noticed and surprise them by giving it to them at a later date. Create romantic impact by doing it for absolutely no occasion whatsoever!
3. Slow dance in your living room. Forget dancing at the local club or random Wedding Reception. Turn on your favorite CD (one that’s sentimental for the two of you is even better!) and get your groove on right at home. The best part about this is that the bedroom is only a few steps away – or who needs the bedroom? When it comes to lovemaking, any room will do!
4. Kiss. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be amazed how many couples (especially after many years together) neglect to kiss and skip right past foreplay altogether when it comes to being intimate. Kissing is such a passionate way to connect to your partner and is one of the most loving and romantic acts you can do.
5. Keep a memento. If you have to take a business trip or weekend away, leave a memento behind such as a tee-shirt with a hint of your cologne/perfume.
6. Picture text. One of my friends was on vacation and her boyfriend sent picture messages of flowers he saw while hiking with a friend. In some ways this is even more romantic than having flowers delivered to one’s house. The thoughtfulness that accompanies creative and romantic text messages can kindle a fire that will burn long after it was sent.
7. Leave love notes in unexpected places. Just because we live in the electronic age doesn’t mean the idea of love letters should go completely out the window. The fact that someone actually sat down to write a note or letter is often even more impactful left in his brief case or a card behind the windshield wiper of her car – this is a surefire way to keep the romantic fires burning strong.
8. Pamper the one you love. If you know your partner’s had a stressful day, pull out all the stops. Run the water for the tub, light candles, cook dinner and offer a post bubble bath massage.
9. Honor the “Date Night”! Pick one night a week that is strictly yours. No kids, no TV, no distractions and stick to it. Get a baby-sitter and don’t make any excuses. Every couple needs time to focus on one another!
10. Be spontaneous. Romance isn’t fun when it’s predictable. So whatever you decide to do, strategically planning to do it when it’s most unexpected is the best way to go!

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