Enjoy Your Hot Summer Nights

We are hitting that time of year where the temperature starts rising a little bit higher each day. As we all try and relive the days of carefree summers, sometimes the heat isn’t as welcome as it was when we were younger, spending all day at the pool. Below are some tips for staying cool yet, still feeling hot with your favorite Pure Romance products.

Body Dew – During those warm summer mornings and hot summer nights, keep your favorite scent of Body Dew on hand and apply after the shower, or anytime for a skin quenching sensation! Body Dew will moisturize your skin and keep it glistening all summer! It will improve the health of your skin while reducing the amount of peeling from excessive exposure to the sun.

Kiss – This is a fantastic product to keep in the refrigerator during the summer. One splash of cool Kiss will revitalize you. The pheromones and the long lasting scent infused with a blend of green and white tea extracts will keep you feeling fresh and sexy throughout those hot summer nights.

Body Bling – This light and fun product will not only help you glisten in the summer sun, but it’s a great way to highlight your lips. Put a little bit of Body Bling on your lips and cover with chap stick for a kissable glow that helps nourish your lips. You can also use Body Bling to highlight your summer tan; by applying to those special spots (shoulders, cheekbones, and cleavage), your tan and your confidence will glow throughout the night!

Pure Pleasure – This is the perfect product for some fun water play when you just have to cool off! Pure Pleasure is a silicone-based lubricant that does not absorb into the skin. It’s gentle and long lasting and recommended for a steamy night in the pool with your partner!

Keep those sensual feelings going all summer long to create the sort of sex appeal that promises lots of sultry nights!

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