“Mother Knows Sex”

I am excited to announce that Pure Romance will be the focus of a one-hour special airing on The Learning Channel (TLC) following the Super Bowl on February 1st! TLC is known for educating the public on a wide range of life experiences and that’s why they felt we were the perfect fit for a show covering Pure Romance and our mission to create a safe place for women to explore intimacy and their sexual health. We take great pride in the fact that they selected us for this project. The special entitled “Mother Knows Sex”, will document the ins-and-outs of running our unconventional family business.

I truly believe the show will aim to educate and entertain while shedding light on important issues that are often overlooked or dismissed in our industry. Our objective since day one has been to “de-vulgarize” bedroom accessories and help women to feel comfortable about sexuality, and this is just one more way to educate the public on this matter. For years we have trained our Consultants to always present their parties and business in a classy, tasteful and informative way; this has definitely played a part in our being selected to do “Mother Knows Sex”. Pure Romance has made great strides as an ambassador for women’s sexual health and it’s important that we take every measure to clarify our mission to continue making a difference in the world today.

The show will be airing at 10 pm ET (check your local listing for exact air times) on TLC, Sunday, February 1st, so be sure to save the date on your calendars! Below are additional links to stay in the loop with what’s happening with the show.


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