Basic Instinct

After spending so many years helping women get in touch with their sexual selves, it is still fascinating to me that sexuality is such an innate part of human behavior. You would think after helping millions of women, traveling across the country and even publishing my book Pure Romance Between the Sheets, I would get used to the idea of our “human instincts” about sex. I can honestly say the novelty hasn’t worn off – I still enjoy sharing the basics behind sexual response with everyone I meet. Do you ever find yourself asking why some women seem to just exude sexuality? If you have asked this question before (I know I have!), then you, too, have been baffled by the power of the human “sexual scent.”

Pheromones, or our sexual scent, can be defined as chemicals that have a biological or behavioral effect in their own right, as opposed to scents that trigger responses because of a learned association, like when you salivate after seeing your favorite food. There are specific compounds within our body odors that can potentially affect the physiology and behavior of others. Pheromones contain information about gender and the relatedness of individuals.

Humans unconsciously use the complex processes within their nose to detect pheromones and then send signals to the brain to release hormones accordingly. Rather than just sending information about smells up to the brain, it also responds to other chemical signals. The olfactory system is a highly diverse system, capable of transmitting information about one person to another.

In humans, the main odor and pheromone producing organ is the skin. These odors are largely produced by the skin’s glands, which develop during puberty and are usually associated with sweat glands and tufts of hair.

There are complex numbers of factors that are involved in human sexual attraction, but it is obvious that our “sexual scent” or our pheromones play an important role. We as humans have a highly developed intellect and a rich complement of emotions, ambitions, motivations and desires. Pheromones may affect our attitudes and subconsciously nudge us towards a type of sexual behavior.

So, how can you use pheromones in your daily routine? Pure Romance’s Basic Instinct, a human synthetic pheromone, is the key to unlocking your “sexual scent.” This product reacts to your very own body’s chemistry and can enhance your mood – helping you feel more confident, sexy and daring. Basic Instinct can be used on a man or a woman and the smell varies just as much as our own sexual preference varies – meaning that no two people’s “sexual scents” are identical. You can use Basic Instinct alone or with other perfumes, colognes, lotions or scented soaps to heighten your scent. By using Basic Instinct you are getting down to our humanistic impulses and to the root of natural attraction.

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