Preserving your Toys

I always get great questions from the women I meet; one of the most important questions I’m often asked is, “How do I properly care for my new toy?” Depending on where you look (a book, website, or listening to a friend) you can hear a wide variety of ways to clean your bedroom accessory, including boiling it in hot water, cleaning it with alcohol or even with your dish soap.

While I think these methods are great at cleaning lots of other items, I don’t think they are right for cleaning your intimate products. In my book, Pure Romance Between the Sheets, I highly recommend cleaning your bedroom accessories with a cleaner that was designed to be gentle on not only the material of the toy, but also your body. Using soap, bleach, or rubbing alcohol can damage the toy, and may cause irritation to your delicate genital tissues.

Pure Romance’s toy cleaner is Come Clean, and it was designed to be gentle on the toy, as well as gentle on a woman’s body. I recommend the use of Come Clean to ensure that all products are safe to use. Using anything else may cause irritation or burning for the user, and may damage the toy.

To use Come Clean, remove any batteries from the toy (if it requires them) and rinse the toy under warm water. Spray thoroughly with Come Clean and rinse again under warm water. You can either pat the toy dry with a clean towel or let the toy air dry. Store each toy in its own airtight bag or container and keep away from extreme heat and cold. This will help to maintain the longevity of your toy.

It’s that easy! So keep your toys squeaky clean and enjoy!

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