Spice Up the Holidays!

As we approach the holiday season, I often get asked which products would make a great gift for a partner. I couldn’t think of a better present during the holiday season than the gift of romance! Whether you are looking for a great gift for your partner, or something special for yourself, Pure Romance products are a fantastic way to spice up the holidays.
I truly believe the best gift a woman could give herself is buying a copy of my book, Pure Romance Between the Sheets. The journey she will take while reading through the pages will enlighten her on so many positive levels when it comes to her body and her intimate relationship. The gift of knowledge and empowering herself to make her health and relationship a priority is a gift that will keep on giving!

Now that we have taken care of the most important part of your relationship (you!), let’s think about a great gift for your partner, too! The most popular product that I recommend for couples to use is a c-ring, which is placed around a man’s penis to restrict the flow of blood, prolonging the sexual experience. Most of our c-rings have vibrators that are used to stimulate the clitoris while your partner is wearing it (as one person told me, it turned her husband into a living toy!). I recommend the Jelly Tool Belt, which has an intense clitoral vibrator, or the Bulls-Eye, which has two bullets ( each bullet has its own control, so they can operate at different speeds and intensities).

If you are looking at buying a gift that is primarily for your partner, but something that you can use with them, you could try one of our male stimulators. These are placed over the penis and are used during masturbation (or you can pleasure him with it). Many of them have suction pockets or some other added feature to increase his pleasure. Try a favorite, the Super Stretch Lips for fun nights of pleasure, or Lavender Lover, which has strategically placed suction pockets for added stimulation.

With both the c-rings and the male stimulators, make sure to use a creamy lubricant, such as Whipped (which comes in yummy flavors), for his added comfort and safety.

Pure Romance also has many other types of products that make great gifts. Our “Erotic Massage Book” is great to use during foreplay. Try using the Aura massage oil or one of our soy-based massage oil candles with the “Erotic Massage Book.” It will make for a truly romantic and enjoyable evening. Another wonderful foreplay item that makes a great stocking stuffer is Dust Me Pink, which can be put on various parts of the body and can have your partner finding all your hot spots while licking off the tasty treat (to really spice it up you could include a blindfold!).

Use your imagination and think about the pleasures and sensations that you and your partner like then wrap them up under the tree! This will be holiday season you will never forget. The possibilities are endless!

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