Remembering Your Roots

As the owner of Pure Romance, I’ve always valued the importance of staying grounded. This is especially true when it comes to keeping in touch with the Consultants who have directly contributed to our business.

When my son, Chris Cicchinelli, came on board in 2000 we set forth with a grassroots campaign which took us on the road for months at a time, meeting with women face-to-face throughout the United States. Even today as a multi-million dollar corporation, we still feel it’s so important to have that one-on-one time with potential and active Consultants. Unlike many CEO’s and top-level executives, we never wanted to be “hidden behind some desk” or inaccessible to our employees, and as long as I’m still breathing we will continue to take to the field to meet these amazing women and show them our gratitude for all of their support and hard work!

Most recently, we traveled to Minneapolis to meet with a group of Consultants who won a special company contest. We had a wonderful lunch at the Napa Valley Grille located in the renowned Mall of America. The top two winners, Lynne Crupi and Abby Carlson were able to bring five additional guests each, and one of Lynn’s guests, Leslie-Ann Elfman, actually took an 8-hour train from Fargo Valley City, North Dakota, just to be there! I am so amazed by the passion these women possess and so very grateful for their dedication to their businesses. Another Consultant at the event was an International Business Major at her local university and had studied for weeks prior so she could attend and be back in time to take her exam later that evening. In addition, there was an equally passionate and multi-talented third Consultant who discussed a great deal of her work with me as a non-profit lobbyist. Probably one of the most interesting lunch stories was that of Pure Romance Consultant, Tami Tushie, who informed me that she was newly-pregnant and that she and her husband had conceived while on the 7-Day Alaskan Cruise Consultant Incentive Trip which had taken place a few months ago! Even on our trips it seems that romance is in the air!

It was so wonderful to meet with all of these hard-working, multifaceted women not only for some “girl talk”, but also to provide a personal platform for them to discuss new ways to better their business – and what better way to find out than straight from the founder’s mouth? We truly feel blessed to have such incredible women to represent our company and want to say thanks for their continued support!

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