Finally…It’s Here!

Well, I went out of town this weekend to go shopping with my daughter-in-law for her 30th birthday. We stopped in a Barnes & Noble and there it was in front of my eyes, like Christmas morning, my book was sitting there perched on the Self Help shelves. It was as if the skies parted and the sun was shining brightly down directly onto the pink book cover. You can’t imagine the excitement as I walked (okay, maybe ran) over to the shelf to see if my eyes were telling the truth. Ah, let the choir sing, it is finally here!

On top of the amazing feeling of accomplishment, it was at that point that I realized my voice will be heard. As you probably already know, it has been my dream to educate and empower women; to give them the permission to take control of their sexual health.

I was so thrilled I nearly wet my pants; I rushed to the bathroom as the excitement was almost too much to handle. A few minutes later, as I was making my way out the gigantic bookstore, down at the bottom of the escalator I saw a woman standing there waiting to check out, she was holding my book in her hands. With the hundreds of book choices, I was so flattered that she chose mine. It was at that moment that I wished I had a crystal ball and could see her future and how my book will hopefully change her life forever!

The book will begin making its way to book stores all over the nation and now will be available for purchase both online and in stores. With the amazing pre-order book sales, I can only hope that Between the Sheets will make it into the hands of thousands of women across the country. And after reading this book, every woman will have the information they need to improve their sexual health and the intimacy with themselves and their significant other.

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