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True Love is Selfless

Selfless Love Collage

What comes to mind when you think about the word selflessness? Do you think of new parents learning to shift their focus from themselves to their newborn’s needs? Maybe you think of volunteers who compassionately carve out time to help others despite their busy schedules. There are so many ways that people are selfless every day. I know in my own life, watching my mother struggle with cancer with such grace and thoughtfulness for those around her has been a constant daily reminder of how to be selfless.  She always jokes to keep smiles on our faces, and while most people would understandably dwell on their pain or anger in this circumstance, she instead maintains a positive attitude to encourage others.  Continue reading

The Golden Rule

pattybloggoldenruleDo you care what others think about you?  Even the most confident person will probably say, “Yes.”  We live in a world where we measure ourselves against images of perfection from the media and the opinions of those around us, but guess what? Opinions are subjective and always changing, so trying to determine who you are based on the views of others is like trying to stand up straight on shifting sand.   Continue reading