Inspiring Women to Live with Poise, Flair, and Purpose

Strive to be Different!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! This is a very special time for our Consultants and customers because it reminds us how important it is to cherish those we love.

When I was a consultant, I would always strive to be especially creative before this holiday because it’s the time of year when couples are especially seeking ways to kindle that spark of romance. Click below to learn about how I strived to be different – but remember: always hold the message behind Valentine’s Day in your heart 365 days a year. Long-lasting intimacy is something we continue to nurture, not something that should always come effortlessly!

Inspired Networking

If there’s one business tip you should consider as you kick off the New Year, it’s this: The best investment you can make in life and in business is in yourself. Reaching your full potential will not only help you grow, it will inspire others to do the same. Watch below for more on why I feel this way!

New Year, New Opportunities

2015 promises to be a very exciting time for our Pure Romance Consultants, as well as the millions of women who will attend Pure Romance parties throughout the world this year! Curious how I took advantage of the new year as a Consultant building my own business? Click below to find out. I wish you and yours a truly Happy New Year!


‘Tis the Season…

If you’ve watched my last two video blog posts, you will know that one of my favorite things about this time of year is spending even more time with my family. As you’re curled up with your family and enjoying time with the ones you love, be sure to capture the moments on film and in your heart. Here are just some of the personal photos I’ve taken over the past month or so leading up to Christmas Day. Happy Holidays!



My Christmas Traditions

Take a walk with me down memory lane: click below to watch how I celebrated the holiday season with my own children and family over the years. On behalf of my family and the Pure Romance Family, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and a wonderful New Year!