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Blog Image (No Border)I heard a news story this morning about “Momorexia,” a condition that has emerged partly due to the media sensationalizing how fast celebrity moms lose weight after the birth of their babies. This coupled with unrealistic post-baby airbrushing of photos in the media directly affects the self-esteem of new mothers everywhere. Women are often forced to think about “how fast they can lose the baby weight,” instead of enjoying the first couple months of bonding with their newborn (that they will never get back!). Similarly, the tabloids often target female role models for being “fat” as they begin to put on natural baby weight during their pregnancy. Just on Good Morning America the other day, they did a segment on one mom who caused a stir when she posted a “Selfie” just four days after giving birth.

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Path of Most Resistance

PATTYS BLOG POSTTop Row: far left…1978 – as a physician’s assistant; 1984  – after only 4 months in business could afford Olan Mills!
2013 – Chris and I; 1973 – My Senior Yearbook picture
Middle Row: 2006 – Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the of the Year award – the only woman; 1973 V.I.C.A.
Bottom Row: August, 2005 – our fifth location; 2001 -  following 911 we conducted National training in our office since no one was permitted to travel; 1983 – my residence and where the basement served as our first warehouse; 2000 – broke ground on our 1st building located in Milford, OH


“Do one thing every day that scares you.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve been asked many times, “Patty, how did you do it?”

It is not a simple or quick answer. My journey isn’t one I could have ever imagined or planned. No path was laid out for me; I had to blaze my own trail. Becoming the founder of Pure Romance was a series of little steps that led me down this path. Continue reading

Stop and Thank You, Baby

PattyThanksgivingBlogI was sitting in an airport Starbuck’s the other day feeling especially grateful, when all of a sudden lyrics from a song playing on the radio interrupted my thoughts:  “I want to stop and Thank you, Baby.  How sweet it is to be loved by you.” Isn’t that always just the way? It also seemed very apropos with Thanksgiving just around the corner. Many people equate this song with romance, but the funny thing about it was that the first thing I actually thought of was my family and all of the amazing Consultants that have continued to inspire me for over 20 years in this business! Continue reading

Find your Center

chakrablogI just got back from Pure Romance 2013 National Convention South Africa. You’d think after 20+ hours of traveling, I’d be completely spent.  Truthfully, it’s not the easiest flight, but it provided a lot of time for some long-overdue reflection. Seeing how excited and passionate the South Africa Consultants are about their businesses truly refueled me and gave me a renewed sense of vigor for Pure Romance and the lives we are touching every day across the globe. Continue reading

The Golden Rule

pattybloggoldenruleDo you care what others think about you?  Even the most confident person will probably say, “Yes.”  We live in a world where we measure ourselves against images of perfection from the media and the opinions of those around us, but guess what? Opinions are subjective and always changing, so trying to determine who you are based on the views of others is like trying to stand up straight on shifting sand.   Continue reading