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Father’s Day Blog Series: The Men of Pure Romance

Albert and Christina met on a plane in 1993 and just celebrated 21 years of marriage in May. They have two children: their son, John, will be 20 in August and attends Auburn University; their daughter, Olivia, is 18 and will be attending Volunteer State this fall  They reside in Bell Buckle, TN.

Describe three responsibilities you take on to help out with the kids and/or your wife’s Pure Romance business.

1. We live in a very rural area so it takes one full week for Christina to get her products delivered. I went ahead and looked into having her orders shipped in town to her parents’ house, which gets it to us within three days. I now get notifications on my phone from UPS when the orders are delivered and pick them them up.

2. I’m always hands-on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Since day one, her team meetings have been at our home. I can remember when she started and she would have her only recruit over for dinner! Now, three years later, we had to literally move furniture out of the living room to make room for 44 of her team members! Whether it’s grilling hotdogs, offering refreshments or just cheering on the girls during recognition time, I’m there! Her team is like our extended family and we want them to know that!

3. With Christina traveling to parties, meetings, trainings or conventions I always make sure my work schedule revolved around my responsibilities to the kids and our home. I go in a few hours earlier so I can be there to maintain a routine for our family.

What are your secrets to a successful marriage? 

Doing all the little things together is important. She’s my best friend so everything from grocery shopping, cooking or spending time outside gardening – we’re doing it side by side.

What is something you admire about your wife – please explain/describe?

I admire the fact that she went from being a housewife to a successful business woman in a blink of an eye. When she puts her mind to something, look out! And even though her business keeps her very busy, she always puts me and the kids first, and never makes us feel neglected. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s pretty good at juggling everything and keeping it all going!


Marriage in this modern-day-society can be a difficult thing to manage, especially when you are a hard-working businesswoman. What are some secrets that you practice in your marriage to build into your relationship? Obviously he’s a keeper!

Communication is Key! We are both products of divorced families so over time we realized that if our intention is to stay married for life, we have to be really clear with our thoughts, feelings and choose our words wisely. When possible, we make every effort to eat our meals together, sitting around a set table – no television, no phones. Eye contact and conversation is vital to a healthy marriage. Should I be traveling during the week, we are sure to check in with each other several times a day. We also align our goals, whether personal or family, and we work together to meet them head on.

Do you have anything special planned to celebrate Father’s Day?

My son is coming in from college for the weekend and we’ll have my parents over.  I’ve set up an early Tee Time Sunday morning, and after a round of golf the guys will come home to a great feast that my daughter and I prepared! We’ll then just sit around and watch old home-movies: the perfect ending to a perfect day.

You have screamed your husband’s name and made it obvious that he has been a wonderful supporter of you, your family and your business. Can you give me a story about how he has supported you?

The first thing that comes to mind is accompanying me every year to the PBF Gala. We both work odd hours so we don’t get many weekends together and his vacation time is precious since his parents still live in upstate New York.  For him to realize how near  and dear Patty’s Foundation is to me speaks volumes! He now has a separate savings jar that he contributes to all year long so he can bid on the silent auction to show support to the cause! This year we are going in a day early just so I can give him a tour of the corporate office downtown! I love that he is “ALL IN” when it comes to Pure Romance!

My thoughts: I will never forget when I first met this amazing couple. Christina and her husband approached me at a Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health Gala and were brimming with excitement and passion for the Foundation. It was touching to see two people so genuinely dedicated to the cause.

Reading through these responses – I absolutely loved seeing the enthusiasm Albert has for Christina’s business. When he talked about grilling and offering refreshments to her team during their meetings – he is as excited as she is about her passion for her career, and is truly her biggest “cheerleader.” There are some men out there who would feel threatened if their significant other chose to work outside the home; yet, in this case he celebrates her drive and respects who she is as an individual!

These two have the right idea about cherishing the little things in life. Christina hit the nail on the head when she stressed that communication is the key to a successful relationship. Just by reading their responses you can tell they sat down and set the ground rules together at the start of their relationship. They knew going into it the level of respect and support they need from each other to make it work.  They have a strong marriage that has lasted over two decades! And a side note: the year they met is also when I started Pure Romance so I’d call that a lucky-in-love anniversary! :)

Summer Ready Spotlight: Body Boost and Revive


Revive_0215Summer is just a few weeks away. Bikinis, flip-flops, sandals and sundresses…what’s the best way to get ready for the hot and sticky months and barely-there clothing? I asked a couple of our top Consultants to share why and how Pure Romance’s Body Boost and Revive can get you summer-ready. Don’t forget to share your favorite products in the comments section!


Cindy Faulkner

Pure Romance Executive Director

Executive Board of Directors

Why you love the product?

Both Body Boost and Revive are amazing high-quality products that are a perfect addition to anyone’s daily routine. I love products where you cannot only see a difference, but you can FEEL it too!

How do you sell it?

When I talk about it at my parties, I focus on the benefits of each product. I’m also a product of the product! Since I personally use Body Boost, I’m able to share my experience in a more relatable fashion. It’s also a great add-on to Save My Skin! Then I follow up in my online VIP group with before-and-after pictures of both products to show how amazing they really are!

Why do you think it’s a necessity for women to use?

Most women have some small problem areas that they’re not that fond of – rough heels, cellulite, etc. Body Boost and Revive can help fix those problem areas and give a renewed sense of confidence.

How do you help women understand this is also a great product for the men in their lives? 

Think women are the only ones a little self-conscious about problem areas? Add both of these to the list of products that men can steal from us! (Especially if you’re tired of getting scratched by rough heels and calluses in bed!)

110560 Jenny Harrison

Pure Romance Executive Director

Senior Board of Directors 

I love to put the Revive on my hands, heels and elbows before bed. I then put on spa gloves and socks. I truly feel that it is helping to reverse the signs of aging on my hands, makes my them super soft and smooth, and helps heal my heels and dry spots on my skin. For Body Boost, I use it on the bum, the old “saddlebags,” and on my neck and I definitely see a difference! Below is the demo I use when sharing these two products with my party guests:

Ladies, next up are two of my favorite best-selling products: Revive and Body Boost! Here, in New England, we get to appreciate all four seasons, but our bodies don’t always enjoy the extreme weather changes. You know what they say in our region, “It’s New England, blink, and the weather changes!” One day it’s snowing, and the next day it’s beach body time. These two products help address some seasonal skin problems that plague many of us!

First up, Ladies, is Revive! In the fall and winter, we experience dry and cracked hands in the cold New England States. Revive is amazing because it acts as a protective mask on your hands to prevent cracking and bleeding. It is awesome in the spring and summer months to get rid of those dry spots from hiding underneath all of those warm clothes all winter long. Also, if you ride horses or do a lot of gardening, this is a fantastic product to help heal and protect your hands from “rein rub,” or Gardener hands. It’s even a fabulous product for those of you who don’t have dry or cracked hands. I love to put it on before bed and put on a pair of spa gloves. When I wake up in the morning, my hands feel softer and look younger! Let’s get real, Ladies, there is nothing sexy about dried, cracked or aging hands when you’re going to give your partner a massage. It’s an instant turn-off! Just rub this sumptuous balm on any problem areas.

Next up is Body Boost! For the spring and summer months, we’ve been hiding underneath all of those warm clothes and we have forgotten to take care of our bodies. Body Boost is a body lift in a tube! Better than plastic surgery with none of the scary knives or needles. It is going to help you look super sexy for shorts season and bathing suit season. You will use it on any area that you feel needs tightening from saddlebags to the Bust. Girls, we don’t want that area looking like a National Geographic special – rub it all over you neck and chest. You can also use it on your legs, booty and tummy. It is important that you follow the instructions when using this product for maximum effect. 

Ladies, I’m going to pass these around now so go ahead and write these down on your wish list. They are a must have all year-round. Plus, once you purchase them, you will become a member of my VIP skincare club, and you can get them at a discount when you need refills!

A note from Patty’s Desk: Both of these top Consultants make some wonderful points about Body Boost and Revive. One thing that’s important to mention is that these are great products that are not only useful in the summer, but are also good to use all year long. I always stress how important it is to maintain our relationships, and this idea of “maintaining” also applies to our bodies and skin care. You wouldn’t wait until the wheels were falling off your car before taking it in for a tune-up, right? Thinking carefully about what we put on our body can help you look good, but even more importantly, it’s about making choices that will keep your skin and body healthy!


It’s in his Kiss, or an MRI?

I wouldn’t change my profession for the world, but if I had to choose another field of interest, it would definitely be research. (This is probably why The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health has such a special place in my heart.) When I caught the following GMA segment over my morning cup of coffee, I was fascinated. The hosts discussed new research that indicated that brain scans may be able to identify feelings such as love. I really enjoyed the debate and sidewalk-interviews – especially the person who said, “I don’t have to look at an MRI to know how much I’m in love” – but how do we really know what another person is truly feeling?

Just like we regularly schedule annual physical exams, one day there could be a world where people try to “avoid heartache” by using an MRI to make sure their partner is really in love with them. This could be an especially helpful tool with my newest reality show guilty pleasure, Married at First Sight.

BUT – all joking aside: I’m a firm believer that even if one is in love, he or she can fall just as quickly out of it. People fall in and out of love over days, months and years. A brain scan might show how someone’s feeling in the moment, but not how long love will last. If you’re not keeping it fresh, communicating, working on you relationship than it doesn’t matter what an MRI can tell you, because what shows up on that scan won’t have the staying power you need to make it over the long run.

What do you think? I found this study to be intriguing and regardless of where this research takes us, I believe that only we can determine the outcome of how our relationship will play out with our significant other. We always have to work to keep Pure Romance in our relationships!

A Mother’s Love Comes Full Circle

Reading the Mother’s Day entries submitted by some of Pure Romance’s most powerful businesswomen and exceptional mothers was so enlightening. It made me reflect back on the years I was working my business, and trying to balance being a Mom.

I can vividly remember when I used to share the Pure Romance opportunity with servers at our weekly Sunday Perkins breakfast. Remember, this was an era when we didn’t have the benefit of smart phones (or even cell phones at all!) to network and market our businesses; however, you better believe I was still working it from the sidelines of my son’s football games or the regular parent-teacher conferences. Everywhere I went, I was always looking for the chance to share my passion and further build my Pure Romance business.

This Mother’s Day, my children are all grown up. As adults, they now all have their own issues to face, and wants and needs that are completely different from those of a small child. Despite the fact that I am not chasing after little ones anymore, or spending my weekend at various sporting events and activities, I find myself reflecting back on where it all began: before I was a mother – I was a daughter. This Mother’s Day, I want to share how caretaking comes full circle. My own mother has been riddled with illness and the physical hurdles that come with age, and so, once again, I find that balance between running a business and caring for someone I love.

When you are watching your parent struggle to fight death, memories tend to flood in at the most unexpected times. I can say there is definitely not a perfect mother – we do the best we can with the tools we have. There are plenty of things my Mom did as a parent that I vowed not to do, but there are also many traditions, values and techniques I carried on in my own parenting.

One thing I know I inherited from my mother is her work ethic. That woman worked tirelessly until the day she became too sick to carry on another day. She was a clerk for Kroger, and her passion and commitment to her company was evident. She truly believed that if she weren’t there to train the young kids coming in, that Kroger would start to go down hill. Yet, despite her tedious work schedule, she carved out time to show how much she cared for all of us.

I can remember fondly sitting outside on hot summer nights looking up at the night sky. My mom would make homemade peach ice cream and we would just count the stars and listen to the bullfrogs down by the lake. Some of those summer nights she would bring home French Chews and watch as my brother, sister and I chased fireflies. My childhood, like so many, wasn’t perfect, especially being the oldest child with two working parents, but this is a memory filled with nostalgia and happiness.

When I turned 15, I applied for a job as a server for Ponderosa. I wasn’t of age to take on this position and obviously I couldn’t drive. However, my Mother didn’t reprimand me. She made time to drive me to and from work for every one of my shifts. This is just one of the ways she instilled value of hard work in me.

Fast forward to my time as a young mother, I was working for a pediatrician as a Nurse’s assistant. When I was in a pinch, she would help me with the kids and she would often take time to make me a homemade, southern cookin’ kind of lunch and bring it to my work. These are the things that meant so much to me!

Lately, organizing caretakers, doctor’s appointments,  Apheresis treatments and handling the affairs as her power of attorney, things can get pretty stressful. However, watching her health and physical abilities decline so quickly over the last year has bulldozed me emotionally. The most difficult are the days she fights with me saying things like, “Why are you so mean to me? I don’t want to get up and walk. I’m just so tired. Just let me sleep.” When people are sick they need someone else to fight for them. It tears me apart to wonder and worry that she is just giving up. Late at night, often in her sleep, she talks to her own mother as if she is a young girl again. Those are the moments that bring tears to my eyes wondering if she is leaving this tangible world for one much more beautiful and brilliant.

Inevitably, the time will come for my beautiful mother to depart this world and leave me forever. In the meantime I will be right there to carve out time and help her fight for as long as she is willing.

This Mother’s Day I want each of you to celebrate yourself for all of the time you carve out and love you give forth daily. Enjoy the moments and reminisce over the memories. Life is fleeting, so today point your face up to the sun, breathe deeply and give yourself the appreciation you so dearly deserve. Happy Mother’s Day!

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HEATHER PILLOW: Pure Romance Moms Who Do It All!

Heather Pillow (Warrenton, VA) – I can remember the first time I met Miss Heather Pillow – it was during the acquisition of Slumber Parties when she received a shocking call informing her that the company she had been working for at the time had been sold. Filled with panic and worry for the business she worked so hard to build, and the team she promised a brighter future to, she went into Mama Bear mode and jumped on the first plane to New Orleans to meet with Chris and me. She showed up in her “mom clothes” because she was just at an extra curricular activity for one of her children when she received the news; she apologized for it immediately! However, I could tell in that moment that not only was she an involved and busy mother, she was a true leader and take charge businesswoman. I had a flashback to 15 years ago and saw so much of myself in Heather at that moment. Not only is she overly involved with her children who participate in soccer, gymnastics, swim team, basketball, Spanish classes, piano lessons, pageants, and even roller derby, she continues to excel in her Pure Romance Business. Heather is a rock star in personal sales and an exceptional leader to her team, “Pillow’s Pearls,” who are on track to rake in over $1.6 million this year! As if she didn’t already have too much on her plate, she took on a position as a Corporate Trainer to pass on her wisdom to Pure Romance Consultants all over the world. She is the true image of ambition, organization and drive. I’m sure so many of you will agree once you read her tips on how to work smarter in your business and stay sane at home so you are a good Mom to the ones who matter the most.

A quote I live by:
“Today is a gift… that’s why it’s called the present.”

Tips to keep a balanced life:

1. Do a nightly “brain dump.” Before bed, write down everything that is weighing on you, things you would like to accomplish the next day and what you are proud to have achieved today. Getting it all out on paper releases your brain to be able to rest and you have your To-Do list all prepared for the following morning.

2. Carry a “traveling office.” This is a portable file box with upcoming party Hostess info, the past month’s parties so you can make client care calls, your calendar, goodie bags, a calculator, order forms and catalogs. You can work ANYWHERE as a Pire Romance consultant, and you should!
3. Acknowledge what you do well and farm out the rest! If you are not a good paper pusher, find another stay-at-home mom who’s looking for a little extra folding cash and have her do your data entry, inventory processing, stamping catalogs, packing backorders, etc. This frees you up to work with your team and your clients personally.
4. Schedule in time for YOU in your weekly schedule. Whatever you love to do, do more of it, whether it’s reading, exercising, a mani, etc. All work and no play makes you a sad, and cranky mom and guess what? You’ll find the rest of your family is sad and cranky, too. Set the bar high for joy in your household.
A story about motherhood and a business:
When I was a new Consultant and finally realized I needed to do a much better job sharing this opportunity with women at my parties, I decided to craft a stronger opening speech for my shows. I practiced it day and night, everywhere I went with my 5-year-old, 3-year-old and newborn. One morning, on the way to preschool, I was practicing in the car and from the back seat, I hear my oldest say, “Mom! You forgot to say the thing about saving for a trip to Disney!” Even my daughter knew my speech better than I did!

Heather has been married to her husband, Adrian, for almost 17 years. They have three children: Susan (14), Max (11) And Ava (9).