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Resolve for more in 2020

So many of our new year’s resolutions have to do with less—I’m going to cut out this, I’m going to quit that. But I’m here to tell you, we should be asking for MORE—especially when it comes to our sex lives!

This is the time when our resolutions should include a better sex life, and sex therapist Dr. Stephanie Buehler at the Buehler Institute says the new year is the perfect time to make those promises to ourselves—and to our partner—to have a better sex life in the new year. Among her seven suggestions are:

  • Be more affectionate. It can be as simple as holding hands on a walk or cuddling while watching TV. “Be generous with loving touch and watch your partner glow,” she says.
  • Try new things, both in and out of the bedroom. That includes new toys, lubes and other unexpected bedroom additions. “Doing new things in the bedroom shows sexual interest and rouses the brain,” she says. “Doing new things out of the bedroom—cooking a new recipe together, visiting a new part of town—also perks up the brain and makes the prospect of sex more fun.”
  • Put your relationship first. It’s hard to do with work and kids, but Dr. Buehler says it’s important to remember who’ll be there when you need support. “When you make decisions about how you will spend your time and your emotional energy, put your lover first,” she says, “and everything else will fall into place.”

A new year gives us a time to reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead to the promises of the next 12. One promise you should keep is to reconnect with your partner and have a better sex life. That’ll make the entire year better!

Read more of Dr. Buehler’s suggestions on a better sex life in the new year HERE!

Make the holiday happy for you, too!

Your holiday list should include a very important person—you! Through the gifts, the parties, the travel and the stress, there’s one person you can’t afford to forget—and that’s you and your own well-being. David R. Topor, PhD, reminds us in an online article from Harvard Medical School that “there’s plenty of excitement from seeing family and friends, but also stress, travel, long lines, planning, preparation — and a range of emotions from positive to negative.” Here’s how he suggests you take time out for yourself:

  • Regularly schedule time to engage in self-care activities. This can be yoga, meditation or a hobby you enjoy, he says.
  • Engage in deep breathing or other relaxation skills. Listening to soothing music can help put the focus back on yourself, if only for a few moments.
  • Monitor your stress level. Dr. Topor says the best way to do that is write down how you’re feeling when something (or someone!) stresses you out. Is it a particular person? Is it an uncomfortable situation? If you feel your stress is high, he says to take time out for a walk or yoga, or even watching a favorite TV show. It can calm you down and remove the stress.
  • Being present around the presents. This is a special time of the year, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that! “Take notice of the smells, sounds, and sights of the holidays,” he says. There’s a reason why we prepare for the holidays, so take a moment to enjoy them.

Remember, the best gift you give your loved ones this season is yourself! Take a little time look around, take a deep breath and enjoy the holidays! Want to read the rest of Dr. Topor’s suggestions on taking care of yourself? Check it out HERE! And from all of us at Pure Romance, have the happiest of holidays!

Back again this year–It’s Patty’s Favorite Things!

It’s the most exciting time of the year when I get to share with you some of my favorite things! These are items that I personally love, and I think you will, too. They will help you sparkle, shine and feel great this holiday season, and make terrific gifts for your loved ones. Ready to check out some of my favorite things? Here’s a few of them, including:

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These are just a few of my favorite things (sounds like a song lyric, doesn’t it??) and there are so many more I can’t wait to tell you about. We are already 2 days in but we have so much more to giveaway! Everyday, we’ll reveal one of my favorite things each day on my Facebook page, and you’ll have the chance to win that day’s item. Then once we’ve revealed the entire list, you might win every one of my favorite things! Get the details on our fabulous giveaway on my Facebook page, and from my family to yours, happy holidays and happy shopping!

Be Single and Mingle Through the Holidays

This time of year, the focus seems to be couples doing wonderful things during the holidays—watch TV any night and you’ll see an ad where couples are buying each other jewelry, cars and, yes, even exercise bikes. But what if you’re a single instead of a couple? Actually, this time of year can be a lot less stressful and more fun, for one.

In an article for, Chelli Pumphrey, a love and dating coach and a Licensed Professional Counselor, has some reminders for anyone who may be single during the holidays. “If you find yourself struggling with your single status over the holidays, shifting your mindset can help you cope,” she says.

To make the holidays fun for one, she suggests:

  • You can embrace freedom. When you’re single, she says, you don’t have to figure out how to share time with two (or more) families or traditions. “You can do what makes you happy,” she writes. “Why not take a trip somewhere alone? You can create a new tradition for yourself.”
  • You can be your own date. If you’re invited to a party, don’t shy away from going, go it alone. “Own your single status,” she says, “and who knows who you might meet!” also has reasons why you can be single during the holidays and love it, including:

  • You don’t have to worry about meeting anyone else’s expectations (like answering the ‘when are you getting married?’ question).
  • You can go back to your home town and simply enjoy it, rather than having to play host.
  • You can decorate your home as little, or as much as YOU want.
  • You don’t have to stress over what to get your partner’s extended family for the holidays. Instead, they suggest, use that money to treat yourself.

So, don’t be afraid to be single and mingle your way through the holidays—it can be great fun! And if you decide to dip your toes into the dating pool after the new year, circle January 5, 2020 on your calendar—dating websites say the first Sunday of the new year is the busiest for those looking for love on line!

To read more tips on being single during the holidays, here’s the link to the full article from Meet Mindful HERE and from My Domaine HERE!


Be your own boss in the bedroom, too!

We love our thousands of Consultants who are the CEOs of their own companies and are their own bosses. But did you know that being your own boss can give a boost to your sex life as well?

A story on by Jodie Milton offers some productivity hacks that not only can help you organize your own company, but improve your sex life as well. As we all know, being your own boss means you can set your own hours, but sometimes those hours can mean early mornings or late nights or, worst of all, up to bedtime!

The article suggests using some of your organizational skills that are so successful for you in business and translate them to your love life, including:

  • Turn off the alerts on your phone. Not only will that allow you to concentrate while you’re doing work, it also lets you concentrate in the bedroom, as well, without having annoying “dings” go off at an inopportune time!
  • Think about why you like to have sex! We talk a lot about your “why” in business, and it works with relationships as well. “Get clear on why you have sex, what it gives you and how it feeds your relationship,” Milton says. “This simple hack to improve your sex life is like rocket fuel for motivation and desire.”
  • Get rid of your “to do” list and start scheduling instead. Milton suggests scheduling items in your calendar, then treat them as non-negotiable—like scheduling a doctor’s appointment. That includes your business items as well as your sex life. “With a little creativity and an open mind, scheduling sex can become the bedrock of your sex life,” she says. “Schedule it, and make it happen. It might seem weird at first, but once you get started, you’ll improve your sex life in ways you can’t yet imagine.”

There are many advantages of being your own boss and owning your own business—being able to use these life/business hacks to improve productivity in the bedroom AND in your business is one of the best perks you can have!! Read more tips about improving your business and sex life HERE!