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Our Growing Sisterhood


For those of you who haven’t heard, our Pure Romance family has recently expanded into Canada after thousands of former Passion Parties Consultants have decided to join our company! I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a warm, heartfelt welcome to all of these amazing women who will be working with us to carry on our mission. I went through a similar transition when I was a Consultant years ago for Fun Parties. It was an exciting new chapter starting my own company, and I know that many of these women will feel the same way starting their new journey with Pure Romance.

No matter where we travel in this world, women still have similar questions, needs, wants and desires when it comes to their sexual health and intimacy; on the flip side, many also strive for more quality time with family, extra income and to be their own bosses. This is something that Pure Romance is proud to offer our Consultants and those who come to our parties.

IMG_2446We are all truly coming together for a common cause: to give women permission, and to empower other women to also own and operate their own businesses. I wish all of our new “sisters” much success as we join forces to work toward the greater good for all women throughout the world.

Click here to read about this expansion on Yahoo! Finance News.


February: Our Busiest Time of the Year

If you own and operate a Pure Romance business, you know that February can be as overwhelming as holiday shopping season or Black Friday for the rest of the world. Valentine’s Day makes this month “love month” and everyone is thinking about unique gifts for the one they love.StarterKitsNew

Most people are concerned with making dinner reservations far enough in advance that they aren’t stuck with the 4 p.m. or 10 p.m. time slot. Meanwhile, our Consultants are so busy they don’t even know what day it is! It’s easy for our Consultants to feel guilty about how many hours they are working – they are booking limitless parties, helping last minute shoppers, keeping crazy customer service hours – all in the name of love (not just for lovers, but their love of their businesses).

If you’re a Consultant reading this, below are some things to think about during this busy time that will help you feel good about your success and keep you on track.

  • Communicate with your family and friends. I can’t stress this enough. – communication is the glue that keeps relationships together. When you are working your business, keep your family and friends in the loop on what your schedule is like. Make sure they are on board with your goals and support you. Knowing this will ensure that you know they have your back when you are hitting your busier seasons. Everything falls into place with consistent communication.
  • Encourage your inner circle to be your cheerleaders. Let your family and friends know how much it means to you to have them cheer you and the success of your business on and keep them involved in the process – after all, they share in your success.
  • Make an effort to find balance that makes sense for you and your unique circumstances. When I was working as a Consultant, it didn’t matter if it was a pizza party on a weeknight or a lunch squeezed in between three parties, I made sure that I found the time to show my family and friends I cared. I always believed, and still do believe, that I’d rather fall into bed at night from exhaustion from doing what I loved rather than worry about where I’d get my next paycheck.
  • Reward yourself. As a successful Pure Romance Consultant, your schedule will be busy all year-round, not just in February. You should never feel guilty about this! This is what you’ve been trained to do – working smarter, not harder. And don’t forget to give back to you! When you do have some downtime, use some of that time to get a massage or manicure, or whatever it is that makes you feel pampered. You are your own boss, so you’re in charge of giving yourself that “bonus” you deserve!

New Year, New You!

2016 is less than 24 hours away! Click on the image below to read through a slide show of great soul-searching questions to reflect upon as we move into the New Year. I wish you nothing by the happiest, most prosperous New Year!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.05.34 AM

Modern-Day Cinderella

We’re a week away from Christmas and there are some procrastinators (you know who you are) scrambling to finish holiday shopping. The harsh reality is that some have no choice but to wait until the last minute. They have to wait for that next paycheck or will have to pay off maxed out credit cards from the holidays well into 2016.

Like most Americans in the work force, many of our Consultants are at some point in their lives, in the same boat. They are doing it all – juggling family, career, home and health. I remember times in my own career when I had to set money aside every month, starting at the beginning of the year just to ensure that there would be money for my children’s gifts.

This year, I wanted to spotlight a Consultant, Krystle Celeste, Screenshot_2015-12-02-12-07-00~2who has mastered the art of living within her means and still achieving her dreams. Krystle not only successfully manages everything she has going on in her life, but she has such a positive outlook in the way she does it. She recently won Pure Romance’s Superstar Cash Bonus (congrats!) and set the goal to renovate her kitchen. I asked her to share some of her tips for others who are looking for ways to live within their means, not make excuses, set goals, stay positive, and achieve their dreams. See below for my Q & A with Krystle.

What would you say to those who say you’re just “lucky?”

Life wasn’t always easy for us. The day that I had to tell my child that we could not afford to purchase milk was my breaking point. As a mother, how could I not afford to provide a necessity for my child? I worked the 9-5 job that I hated. I barely saw my son; I was short every month for bills and could not even afford to feed my child. Before I knew it, I ended up in such a bad depression. I felt lost and began to lose hope. It took a life-changing situation of almost losing my life to realize, life had to be better than it was.

I believe that you will be as successful as your next excuse. The position we choose to be in life is determined by our choices and attitude. I’m pushed by the fact that what I do now will be a reflection on my children’s future. My two oldest do not want to work for anyone; they want to be entrepreneurs!

Can you offer any tips on better money management?

My husband lost his job unexpectedly after Hurricane Sandy. It was just a few days before Christmas. It was a complete shock and I was so scared. I didn’t have a full schedule of parties making consistent money. I was spending faster than I was earning because my money management wasn’t that great.


A few weeks in to taking my business full-time, I set a goal to purchase my first home. I needed a vision, so my husband and I spent time driving around looking at houses in different areas. I picked out the exact development with the house that I wanted, although it was nowhere near my price range. It just so happened that my dream home went on the market and I needed to see this house. Of course, I fell in love and I wanted it. I had no down payment, not much saved, but I had someone who believed in me… ME! In three months, I saved enough for the down payment, closing costs, and even furniture. I purchased my first home, which was my dream home, all by myself. It was a dream come true!

It wasn’t long after that I paid off a new truck for our growing family, and then customized my kitchen! I wanted a lot of custom details, and the more things that I decided to add, the more parties that I booked to cover it. I promised myself that I would earn this at that moment and have a purpose – going into my savings was not an option. I DID IT! I designed and had my dream kitchen done, I paid for it without hesitation. It is full of glitter and sparkle, complete with custom floors, granite, glass and crystal – my kids call it my Cinderella kitchen.

What motivates you to succeed?

Success was great, but that isn’t what kept me going. What kept me going is getting the countless calls, texts and emails from women, thanking me for helping or saving their relationship. When I started, I had no idea how much helping other women really meant to me. The more that I realized how important I was to them, the more I wanted to do research, study and understand. Sexual Health is so important. We are not just the “toy ladies.” We are the ones that our clients trust, the ones that they confide in, and the ones that they go to for answers. We are the ones that help them to understand their bodies, which will help them to understand their relationships, their selves and their partners. Falling in love with this part of the business has pushed me to go back to school to study sexual health. I love every minute of it! I will be the first in my family to graduate from college and the best part is that my children will be able to watch me walk down that aisle.

Any final advice?

Joining something new can be scary. There is no one in the world that can change your life other than you. When you start to believe in yourself, everything becomes possible. Never give up on your dreams because someone else told you it wasn’t possible. Never lose hope because you got discouraged on a spare moment. Never lose your excitement or your passion; once you lose that, you lose your purpose. Always remember your reason for starting and realize you are a step closer to your goal because you made that initial decision to try. With effort, you will see results, with a positive attitude and the belief that everything is possible, you will HAVE IT ALL!!

Home Alone

It’s December – the time of year our TVs are flooded with holiday classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Home Alone. It’s only fitting that I spend a few minutes talking about a more grown-up version of “Home Alone.” Launched in late summer, Pure Romance’s Home Alone is currently one of our top-selling products! It’s a 30-speed contoured, high quality silicone clitoral vibrator that is petite and unintimidating – perfect for the discreet woman, and for the partner that is new to welcoming an intimacy product or adult toy into the bedroom.Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 3.59.03 PM

Our Consultants also love the versatility of Home Alone. Its wide range of pulse patterns and speeds provide an incredible range of intensities. A “jack of all trades,” it can offer super power, but also gentle rhythms for those who want to build up pleasure over time.

What I especially love about Home Alone is that its curvy shape allows it to double as a full-body massager. The soft texture feels amazing on your skin – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to this product to treat tense and tight muscles around my neck and shoulders after long business trips, or often just because! Many of you reading this can probably relate – in this day and age, we are all sitting hunched over computers day in and day out, and it’s an inexpensive way to skip the regular visits to the masseuse. Oh, and did I mention it’s bath-proof? I’ve always encouraged women to spoil themselves and what better way to experience a massage than soaking in a hot bath in the comfort of your home?

Other awesome features include a rechargeable motor and a small built in light that will help you navigate the buttons in the dark. I don’t know about you, but whether you’ve been naughty or nice (wink, wink), this seems to be something that will be at the top of many ladies’ wish lists!