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Valentine’s Day – 365 Days a Year

Valentine’s Day holds a special meaning for our Pure Romance Consultants; it’s nothing short of a National Holiday for us: an annual reminder of how important OUR work is to helping couples keep the spark alive in their relationships. It’s our mission to show how communication, and investment of time and energy into your relationship can make love and passion go the distance. It’s also the time that we remind others that this shouldn’t be a one -time gig. I’ve seen the guys running frantically into the card shop to grab last minute flowers, cards and candy because the holiday crept up on them a little too soon. It’s the little things throughout the year – the heartfelt gestures of love – that matter the most. Today should just be the icing on the cake for a loving relationship that prioritizes thoughtfulness, appreciation and effort all year long.

And let’s get something straight – don’t feel sorry for all of the singles out there. As a single woman myself, I know that Valentine’s Day is also a day of LOVE, and that means showing love to ALL that are important to you in your life: mothers and daughters, siblings, friends, co-workers, even your pets!


For me, it’s about celebrating self-love and independence. I love getting together with close girlfriends and doing something to pamper ourselves, like catching up over a manicure, or indulging in long-deserved massages.

What do you plan to do this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single or attached, make a commitment to love yourself and give thanks for all those you love in your life. It’s truly a blessing.

Pure Romance Takes New York City!

We recently traveled to the Big Apple to attend several media events to help spread the word of the amazing work our Consultants  are doing and highlight our products leading up to Valentine’s Day. This trip was a long-time in the making; it all started last year at the Pink Ribbon Luncheon when I was honored at the event. Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts was the featured speaker and I was so excited about the opportunity to hear her tell her story in person. I start every single one of my mornings with her and can’t think of a woman I admire more. She has inspired so many with her strength and determination in overcoming life-threatening experiences: especially with her battle with breast cancer and subsequent blood cancer and bone marrow transplant. Watching her speak that day, I was moved beyond words. It goes without saying, I bid on the event’s Good Morning America auction package to visit the set of my favorite anchorwoman.

Fast-forward to 2016, where we reunited with Robin on set in New York and received a behind the scenes look at how the show is produced (it was like a well-oiled machine, by the way!). I’ve also never been on any talk show set (besides Live! Kelly and Michael) that was so warm and friendly.

No matter how busy and hectic it was, Robin took her time to make sure she introduced me to everyone she worked with, and she showed incredible thoughtfulness by remembering our earlier conversations about The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health. This gave me the opportunity to continue this dialogue with many of the others there that day, which was a huge honor. They embraced the message and showed sincere interest in exploring it further in the future. It was awesome to see national media influencers understanding that sexual health is the pink elephant in the room, and to hear them agree that it’s a topic that everyone needs to address. It fueled me even further to continue pressing further in this arena.

Pure Romance Consultants aren’t the only ones who challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zones advocating on behalf of women’s sexual health and intimacy. We also push ourselves; that continued with a subsequent blogger and journalist event at the Museum of Sex, which led to coverage in a few blogs, such as Urban Milan: Valentine’s Gifts for Her, and prospects for many more.

My PR Director, Suzanne Murray, stepped out of her comfort zone volunteering for an on-air dance competition (and winning) on Live! Kelly and Michael Show later in the week! I love that our team, much like our Consultants, does life different. Because of Suzanne’s boldness, we were able to get Pure Romance gift boxes in the hands of Kelly and Michael!


We also stopped by to visit our old friends at The View to provide a beautiful audience giveaway including some of Pure Romance’s top pampering products and my favorite perfume, Truly Sexy – Flirt.  We had to go in early that morning for their crew to shoot the product before the show went on air. It was a quick process because the packaging is so beautiful and elegant – we felt proud to watch New York-based producers on a national broadcast show gawking at the boutique-like products. They were excited and impressed with it. Some had heard of it, and those who hadn’t couldn’t wait to check it out. 12669505_957724584303950_8594364928424492062_n

This was the day I was the most afraid – mainly because I knew that this segment was all about our Consultants and it was so important to me to make sure that the little amount of time I had to talk about our Pure Romance mission and products was loud and clear. I wanted to make sure that more than anything that during my interview portion I got the message across that we are a company that focuses on enhancing communication in relationships, first and foremost. I was most proud of the product shot because I believe they speak for themselves, and the world got to see the beautiful packaging and that we have a wide array of products – truly something for everyone.

FullSizeRender-2For those of you who want legitimacy and to show your clients you are working for the top relationship company in the world, take advantage of this national exposure.  Use the clips, pictures, and blog mentions to your advantage; it is a great way to showcase the products, and is yet another reason to reach out to your customers.  Check out how Executive Director Dana Barish pushed this out on her social media network.


On Social Media, it might have looked like our trip was just filled with shopping, work and fun (you can have fun while working), but hopefully this blog shows that we were there for you, and that we were a team of people who went in there with a job and got it done!

Our Growing Sisterhood


For those of you who haven’t heard, our Pure Romance family has recently expanded into Canada after thousands of former Passion Parties Consultants have decided to join our company! I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a warm, heartfelt welcome to all of these amazing women who will be working with us to carry on our mission. I went through a similar transition when I was a Consultant years ago for Fun Parties. It was an exciting new chapter starting my own company, and I know that many of these women will feel the same way starting their new journey with Pure Romance.

No matter where we travel in this world, women still have similar questions, needs, wants and desires when it comes to their sexual health and intimacy; on the flip side, many also strive for more quality time with family, extra income and to be their own bosses. This is something that Pure Romance is proud to offer our Consultants and those who come to our parties.

IMG_2446We are all truly coming together for a common cause: to give women permission, and to empower other women to also own and operate their own businesses. I wish all of our new “sisters” much success as we join forces to work toward the greater good for all women throughout the world.

Click here to read about this expansion on Yahoo! Finance News.


February: Our Busiest Time of the Year

If you own and operate a Pure Romance business, you know that February can be as overwhelming as holiday shopping season or Black Friday for the rest of the world. Valentine’s Day makes this month “love month” and everyone is thinking about unique gifts for the one they love.StarterKitsNew

Most people are concerned with making dinner reservations far enough in advance that they aren’t stuck with the 4 p.m. or 10 p.m. time slot. Meanwhile, our Consultants are so busy they don’t even know what day it is! It’s easy for our Consultants to feel guilty about how many hours they are working – they are booking limitless parties, helping last minute shoppers, keeping crazy customer service hours – all in the name of love (not just for lovers, but their love of their businesses).

If you’re a Consultant reading this, below are some things to think about during this busy time that will help you feel good about your success and keep you on track.

  • Communicate with your family and friends. I can’t stress this enough. – communication is the glue that keeps relationships together. When you are working your business, keep your family and friends in the loop on what your schedule is like. Make sure they are on board with your goals and support you. Knowing this will ensure that you know they have your back when you are hitting your busier seasons. Everything falls into place with consistent communication.
  • Encourage your inner circle to be your cheerleaders. Let your family and friends know how much it means to you to have them cheer you and the success of your business on and keep them involved in the process – after all, they share in your success.
  • Make an effort to find balance that makes sense for you and your unique circumstances. When I was working as a Consultant, it didn’t matter if it was a pizza party on a weeknight or a lunch squeezed in between three parties, I made sure that I found the time to show my family and friends I cared. I always believed, and still do believe, that I’d rather fall into bed at night from exhaustion from doing what I loved rather than worry about where I’d get my next paycheck.
  • Reward yourself. As a successful Pure Romance Consultant, your schedule will be busy all year-round, not just in February. You should never feel guilty about this! This is what you’ve been trained to do – working smarter, not harder. And don’t forget to give back to you! When you do have some downtime, use some of that time to get a massage or manicure, or whatever it is that makes you feel pampered. You are your own boss, so you’re in charge of giving yourself that “bonus” you deserve!

New Year, New You!

2016 is less than 24 hours away! Click on the image below to read through a slide show of great soul-searching questions to reflect upon as we move into the New Year. I wish you nothing by the happiest, most prosperous New Year!

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