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You are the Sun

Love yourself collage

As we head into the month of romance, and my grandchildren begin to think about what paper valentines they should choose for their class party and couples secure flower bouquets and dinner reservations, I begin to think about love and relationships! Our lives revolve around our relationships, some of them romantic, those that we have with our family, friends, co-workers and others, those that are complicated and those that are simple. My thoughts reminded me of a question I had asked myself many years ago: “Why do we have such different experiences when it comes to our relationships?”

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Does Gender Bias Still Exist Today?

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What’s the difference between the word “Boss” and “Bossy?” Unfortunately, sometimes the answer is defined by gender bias, according to a new #WhipIt campaign by Pantene launched in the Philippines.

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Letting Go

Letting Go Collage

“Everybody’s got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there.” – Tony Robbins

What are you holding on to this very minute? Every year we accumulate more “junk” and hang on to it (almost for dear life).  It’s like the brand new dress with the tags still on it from three seasons ago that you keep cluttered in your closet because you swear one day you will wear it (but NEVER do). The common behavior of hoarding doesn’t just apply to material things, but also relates to experiences associated with pain, anger, resentment – even just those little things that make us feel comfortable, but we know deep down are not good for us.

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“Dear Santa…”

imagination3Christmas may be behind us, but there is something I want to reflect on that may make you think. Some of you may have heard the story about how my granddaughter thought I was one of Santa’s Elves for many of her younger years. Her mother had told her the story because she, like me, enjoyed the magic of Christmas when she was a little girl and wanted to carry on the tradition.

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The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving Blog

How many of you set your alarm clock for some ungodly hour, or stood in line all night for Black Friday this year? It has become a true spectacle kicking off holiday shopping – whether people want to get a head start picking out gifts for loved ones, or just want to find a highly-discounted gift for themselves (you know who you are!). For more than who would like to admit, the holidays have become synonymous with wish lists and presents. That’s why I felt it was especially important to sit down at my computer and write about the importance of remembering the true spirit of the holiday season. Continue reading