Making Space for Yourself

So have you “Marie Kondo’d” your house yet? If you haven’t watched her show or read her articles, Marie Kondo is helping us declutter our living spaces. The idea behind decluttering is that your “stuff,” or rather the accumulation of your “stuff,” is keeping you from your own happiness. If something does not bring you joy, be it an article of clothing or a knick-knack from a long-ago vacation, you should thank it for its time with you, then put it in the donation pile.

Many people have spent this new year cleaning out closets, old storage bins and the like, hoping the decluttering will free their space and help them organize. But how about decluttering our minds as well? An article in Forbes suggests that our minds need decluttering from time to time, as well. In fact, the article says that “clutter is simply delayed decisions.”

The article suggests that just like our closets, our mind needs to be cleaned out as well and that getting rid of mental baggage is important for all of us to stay focused, motivated and productive.

Among the 10 tips for a decluttered mind are:

  • Set priorities. What means the most to you, including your own personal goals and aspirations? Do you want to move up in the Pure Romance ranks? Do you want to carve out the time for more parties? Decide what your priorities are, then create an action plan to make them happen.
  • Keep a journal. According to research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, expressive writing improves our working memory and can free our minds for other mental activities, including handling stress better.
  • Breathe. Sounds simple, but pausing to take a deep breath can help clear your mind, lower your heart rate and steady your blood pressure. And it’s easy!

Go ahead and clean out your closets and that kitchen junk drawer. But remember, to clear out your mind, as well. Set your goals, and come up with a way to make them happen. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house, it’s for your life as well!

Want to learn more? Read the rest of the article here.

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