Feeling Blue? Go Shop!

Here we are, in the middle of the holidays, and all we hear and see, it seems, are ads to get us to buy something—either for ourselves or our loved ones. It can be a hectic time, of course, as we make sure we get the right gifts for just the right people. But did you know that shopping actually can improve our mood?

An article on womenosophy.com lists eight examples of how shopping can lift your spirits, whether you’re shopping for yourself, or shopping for loved ones. Among the examples are:

  • It gives you a positive vibe as you interact with people in the stores. They’re going to be friendly (we hope) because they want the sale, and that friendliness rubs off on you.
  • Shopping helps you forget about your problems. Being out among the crowds can take your mind off things that are bothering you. And if you find a particular strappy dress shoe that you’ve always wanted on sale, your mind turns to what occasion you’re going to wear them!!
  • Chocolate can help your mood, too! Dark chocolate especially helps you beat the blues and reduce your stress. Don’t overdo it, but a little bit of dark chocolate can boost you out of those winter doldrums.

Another article in the Huffington Post quotes a University of Michigan study that showed that shopping can reduce sadness. “Sadness is strongly associated with a sense that situational forces control the outcomes in one’s life,” the study shows.

Whether you “shop til you drop” or shop on line, the sheer act of making decisions on purchases, whether they are for yourself or a loved one, can make you feel better. So when they talk about “retail therapy,” they’re not wrong! Happy shopping, everyone!

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