What the Foundation Does

In just three weeks we’ll be at the 12th annual Patty Brisben Foundation Gala, celebrating the great work that specialists across the world do to advance women’s sexual health. It’s a fun evening, of course, but while we’re having fun, we’re there for a serious cause: Raising money to help organizations around the world help women improve their sexual health.

The organizations we’ve helped include Cancer Family Care with a grant for counseling for women dealing with cancer and its impact on their sexual health; the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with funding for a study and intervention program to help restore sexual health and improve the quality of life for women treated for ovarian cancer; the Maricopa Health Foundation, helping develop a culturally-informed educational program promoting sexual health among Somali and Swahili-speaking refugee women; and the University of California San Francisco, funding a research study into the development of a therapeutic yoga program for female genito-pelvic pain.

The list of grant recipients is long (you can see it on our website, pattybrisbenfoundation.org) but the need is longer. Women across the world need the sexual health education that you can help provide with your donations, not just now with the fundraiser coming up, but throughout the year.

We hope you have the chance to attend our Gala, or contribute to the Foundation with our Virtual Queen Bee 4-Miler. Any way you can, we hope you can support our cause and we thank you for thinking of the Patty Brisben Foundation. Want more information? Just go to pattybrisbenfoundation.org on ways to help. And thank you in advance for supporting women’s sexual health!

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