Say “I Do”…Every Year

A friend recently emailed me a link to a story on the TODAY Show’s website that featured a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary who recreated their wedding photos.

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It reminded me of an older couple named Bill and Jeanne that lived in my neighborhood when I was a teenager. Bill worked the night shift at Ford Motors and every year on their anniversary, he’d come home to Jeanne cooking dinner for him in her wedding dress. Never being married at that time (and just learning about love), I remember thinking it was a little strange and not for me. But looking back at it now, I think it’s a great example of how this couple made a special effort to celebrate the love that brought them together. Every couple is different in the way they do so, but as long as they are doing it, that’s the most important thing.

Most wedding dresses never see the light of day after the Big Day, so they certainly got the most bang for their buck! Not to mention, Jeanne loved using the dress as a way stay on top of fitness and was proud to say she fit in her wedding dress every year. I’ll never forget her advice to me to always keep yourself in check – this couldn’t be more true as we start to settle into comfortable routines and run the danger of taking our partner for granted.

When we fall in love, we sometimes forget where it all started. We don’t take the time to remember those early butterflies, and recreating your first date or looking through old photos to relive memories together is a wonderful way to reignite the embers of passion.

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