HEATHER PILLOW: Pure Romance Moms Who Do It All!

Heather Pillow (Warrenton, VA) – I can remember the first time I met Miss Heather Pillow – it was during the acquisition of Slumber Parties when she received a shocking call informing her that the company she had been working for at the time had been sold. Filled with panic and worry for the business she worked so hard to build, and the team she promised a brighter future to, she went into Mama Bear mode and jumped on the first plane to New Orleans to meet with Chris and me. She showed up in her “mom clothes” because she was just at an extra curricular activity for one of her children when she received the news; she apologized for it immediately! However, I could tell in that moment that not only was she an involved and busy mother, she was a true leader and take charge businesswoman. I had a flashback to 15 years ago and saw so much of myself in Heather at that moment. Not only is she overly involved with her children who participate in soccer, gymnastics, swim team, basketball, Spanish classes, piano lessons, pageants, and even roller derby, she continues to excel in her Pure Romance Business. Heather is a rock star in personal sales and an exceptional leader to her team, “Pillow’s Pearls,” who are on track to rake in over $1.6 million this year! As if she didn’t already have too much on her plate, she took on a position as a Corporate Trainer to pass on her wisdom to Pure Romance Consultants all over the world. She is the true image of ambition, organization and drive. I’m sure so many of you will agree once you read her tips on how to work smarter in your business and stay sane at home so you are a good Mom to the ones who matter the most.

A quote I live by:
“Today is a gift… that’s why it’s called the present.”

Tips to keep a balanced life:

1. Do a nightly “brain dump.” Before bed, write down everything that is weighing on you, things you would like to accomplish the next day and what you are proud to have achieved today. Getting it all out on paper releases your brain to be able to rest and you have your To-Do list all prepared for the following morning.

2. Carry a “traveling office.” This is a portable file box with upcoming party Hostess info, the past month’s parties so you can make client care calls, your calendar, goodie bags, a calculator, order forms and catalogs. You can work ANYWHERE as a Pire Romance consultant, and you should!
3. Acknowledge what you do well and farm out the rest! If you are not a good paper pusher, find another stay-at-home mom who’s looking for a little extra folding cash and have her do your data entry, inventory processing, stamping catalogs, packing backorders, etc. This frees you up to work with your team and your clients personally.
4. Schedule in time for YOU in your weekly schedule. Whatever you love to do, do more of it, whether it’s reading, exercising, a mani, etc. All work and no play makes you a sad, and cranky mom and guess what? You’ll find the rest of your family is sad and cranky, too. Set the bar high for joy in your household.
A story about motherhood and a business:
When I was a new Consultant and finally realized I needed to do a much better job sharing this opportunity with women at my parties, I decided to craft a stronger opening speech for my shows. I practiced it day and night, everywhere I went with my 5-year-old, 3-year-old and newborn. One morning, on the way to preschool, I was practicing in the car and from the back seat, I hear my oldest say, “Mom! You forgot to say the thing about saving for a trip to Disney!” Even my daughter knew my speech better than I did!

Heather has been married to her husband, Adrian, for almost 17 years. They have three children: Susan (14), Max (11) And Ava (9).


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