My Film Review of 50 Shades of Grey

Hollywood has long been taking bestseller books and making them into blockbuster movies. It’s a good way to make sure that audiences will turn out in droves to see the story translated to film. But truth be told, our imaginations will always be more far-reaching than anything that could be put together on the silver screen.

For anyone who knows me, they know that I have reveled in telling stories my whole life. I know that there is a true art in how a story unfolds, and how important and colorful details bring an image to life in our minds. This is what the book 50 Shades of Grey did for women throughout the country. Similar to Pure Romance, it gave them permission to let go and free themselves from their inhibitions. It shed a light on steamy “hush-hush” forms of sexuality, and tapped into lustful feelings that some women didn’t even know existed within them.


For those of you who haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet, it is an eye opening and provocative story that explores the mysterious relationship between a shy student and a billionaire with vast experience in the world of bondage.

Although they did a great job of sticking closely to the plot line, I went into this movie knowing that they could never truly match what I had imagined in my mind when reading the book; how can Christian and Anastasia be cast perfectly, for example, when each and every one of us had a different version of them in our minds? But none of that is as important as what this book and film have done for the American public. It has once again brought sexuality to the forefront and allowed us to have healthy conversations about sex. We couldn’t turn on the Today Show or flip open any magazine without witnessing the buzz and anticipation as to why this story and film made such an impact on women, and how it affected those who fell in love with it.

Most of the women I talked with after the movie said they left wanting more, and I have to agree. It drops off suddenly, but if you’ve read the first book, you already know this is coming. Also, as expected, the movie is a bit tamer.

My favorite scene was the first time they made love. Even though Christian is crystal clear throughout the movie regarding what he wants, he steps back and puts her first. During this scene he let go of himself to please her, and ensure her first sexual experience was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.

The movie also played heavily on the eye contact and non-verbal cues Anastasia would share with Christian. And let’s face it; there aren’t many who would deny Jamie Dornan’s grey eyes (I’m not sure I could!).

I think the greatest thing about this movie is the fact that there were so many women went to see it that haven’t read the book (or wouldn’t because they don’t enjoy reading). It provides yet another avenue to propel this topic forward and help people realize what we are capable of when we let ourselves go. It shows us that we can introduce steamy intimacy into our relationships and let go of the mental blocks that keep us from getting there. Most of all, it gives us permission and encourages us to try something different – and for that, I give it two thumbs up.

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  1. Leann Westman

    I love that it shows the compromises two people are willing to make for love. I rented a 291 seat theater and everyone LOVE it. I saw it then with 291 ladies and then went back Saturday night with my husband. I noticed that there were different reactions to certain scenes and lines with each group. The group of all ladies, they were less inhibited. They oohed and ahhed! The mixed group on Saturday night had more hushed reactions and was much more inhibited. I also loved that it showed that Bondage tools, like the flogger, for example, can be for pleasure, not just pain. I give it two thumbs….way up!!!

  2. Christy

    I myself have not read the book, but i did go watch the movie. This movie leaves you wanting more, can’t what for the next one

  3. Amanda Brown

    I thought it was very tastefully done and definitely opened up lines of communication between partners and even parents with children. We had a large group go and was amazed to see how many men where among the viewers. Can’t wait for part 2!!!

  4. alison

    I really liked the movie and I an anticipating the next.

  5. Michelle Coleman

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Patty!

  6. Sharyn Mitchell

    Bravo! I loved the books! I haven’t seen the movie yet but my expectations are exactly what you stated. Our imaginations are the best thing but still looking forward to the movie:)

  7. Alicia

    I have read the books but because our little town doesn’t have a theatre I will have to wait! But thanks to this blog post I can’t wait till it comes out! It sounds amazing

  8. Billie-Angel

    Can’t wait to see it..although I do agree you. ..our imaginations will always be more far-reaching than the movie.

  9. Carrie Clements

    Smartly Said, Patty…….THANK YOU!

  10. Holly Scott

    Well said indeed, thank you! There is actually a petition going on in my town right now trying to have the film banned from our movie theatre for it’s indecency, which is appalling to me considering the fact that this movie is about so much more than kinky sex and this same theatre shows horror flicks. People being murdered is ok but don’t dare play a movie with sexual content, blows my mind. Clearly Pure Romance and our consultants are needed to open up a healthy dialogue and open minds!

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