“What Do You Do?”


When we meet someone, one of the first questions people often ask is, “So, what do you do?” As Pure Romance Consultants who are just starting in the business, this can sometimes be a daunting question.  Why? Because we live in a society that still is learning it’s okay to talk openly about sexuality and intimate topics, but our Consultants are the ambassadors blazing a path of improvement in this arena.

When I first started in this business, I’ll never forget when my firstborn son came to me with this very question. High school kids were bullying him at the bus stop when they heard about one of my interviews at a local radio station. They told him, “We know what your mom does!” and like many bullies to this day, they were relentless and ruthless. He came home in tears and told me he knew what I did for a living.

This is when I sat him down for an important talk.  I explained to him that while he and I always didn’t get along, we always made up. However, when his father and I had argued in the past, we weren’t able to “make up.” You, see, I never wanted anyone else’s children to go through that, or their parents for that matter. He began to understand that I was working to help teach moms and parents to communicate better than I had with his father, and maintain important aspects of their relationship that helped them to stay together for life.

I also told him, “You know those kids picking on you at the bus stop? Their moms have been to my parties.”

That was the end of that.

It isn’t easy working in a business that addresses issues around sexuality; that’s why our Consultants are so tough. They are strong, empowered and passionate women who are able to stand tall when certain people don’t understand or question what we do.

When a couple makes a commitment to be together for life, it’s not always easy. Life and relationships are like a changing heartbeat – there’s a beat that speeds up and slows down and we have to work to keep up with it.  There are not many places for couples to go to get answers and be mentored besides doctors and therapists.

If you are a Pure Romance Consultant reading this, below are just a couple pointers on how to show your pride when you tell a new acquaintance what you do.

  • Help them understand that the best gift we can give our children is giving them the opportunity to see their parents happy.
  • Understand there’s a time and a place; you don’t sit down with a young child the first day you get your Pure Romance Kit. You’ll know when they are becoming curious and can truly grasp what we are actually doing for couples and women everywhere.
  • Any one who has been in a long-term relationship knows that they sometimes get put on the back burner. Give examples that relate to their lives and real-life issues in intimacy. We know it’s not just about product. It’s our job to help them understand that.
  • Know your 30-Second Commercial. After hiring one of our new staff members, her father asked her about her new job. She said, “I’ve accepted a position with a successful multi-million dollar international company that specializes in relationship enhancement products.”
  • No matter what you do for a living, you should love it and be proud of it – or else it’s not worth doing!



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  1. Tebogo

    I love it whole-heartedly;)

  2. shannon

    I’ll always remember your story about your relative questioning the success of your “porn” empire.
    I stand tall and make the correction just as you did that day. Often the most obnoxious are the most uninformed.

  3. Camilla Barrow

    So important to see this said again so clearly. We all deal with difficult and confused people every day. We need to be strong in our convictions to help turn the tide.

  4. Brandi Stites

    My kids are so proud. My five year old does a lot of marketing lol. He tells everyone his mom does pure romance.

  5. Sarah Henricks

    Thank you, Patty! Amazing advice, as always.

  6. pattybrisben

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, everyone! It’s great to see all of the Pure Romance Consultants come together and support one another. Sometimes when we are going through this we think we are the only ones hearing all of the negativity, but it is so great to share our experiences and stand strong as a sisterhood. One of the things that I found helpful is that I let go of the negative comments and held tight to the positive. That’s what fueled me to move forward!

  7. pasqualina tekaucic (@linatek)

    thank you Patty, I have many changes going on in my life and the courage i get from you and other sisters in the business helps

  8. Ashley Tolentino

    For me I’ve always thought about what I would say to my child. He’s to young now but i was asked once what i plan on saying to him when he’s old enough. your words are meaning full and priceless! Thank you Patty

  9. Lynn Mangum

    People have thought it’s a straight out free for all sex party. Some even said “wow Lynn, I didn’t know you were into that.” Some men even think/thought I was/am a freak. I just let their minds wander because I know what I do and their personal thoughts are none of my business. All hail consultants!

  10. Kelli

    I love Pure Romance! Being able to help women of all ages, and all stages of their relationships is what makes me happy. After almost 20 years of marriage I feel that it is important for me to show other ladies why I am so happy, and how they can be also. Also I am helping my daughter to see what she needs in a relationship, and how to communicate with her future husband. I tell all moms that it is very important to be open with our children.

  11. Rolanda Chaney

    Your insight is greatly appreciated and I know in this short time I have been connect with this company I have learned so much about myself. Thanks Patty.

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