Embracing Transitions

Transitions Blog“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is a question nearly all of us have experienced at some point in our lives, but what is “grown up?” I believe we should always strive to reinvent ourselves and move through transitions our entire lives. Someone in their fifties or even seventies has just the same right as a teenager or college student to change gears in their career, or chase a long-held dream. Inspiration is all around us, and sometimes you just have to look for it – I assure you, it’s there. Every morning, I seek lessons to learn, as well as the grace to recognize them when they are placed in front of me.

Speaking of inspiration, I read a very moving article on this topic by Jane Pauley that touches on reinvention and the idea that “mid-life” doesn’t occur at the same age that it used to – primarily because people live longer and now have lengthier health expectancy. Also, Pauley accurately maintains that “retirement” is a word with new meaning – no longer a door marked exit.” I love, love, love this! Being so passionate about Pure Romance, I can relate to the passion that goes along with my work, and the desire to continue to do what I’m passionate about until the end of my days!

Whether it’s switching careers, starting a new relationship, searching for a new home – some form of transition occurs intermittently throughout the course of everyone’s life. Many find change and transitions very fearful and difficult; however, this shouldn’t be the case.  We should embrace transitions and remember that as one door closes, another always opens. Pure Romance is going through a few transitions as we speak.  We are so excited to welcome new Consultants to the Pure Romance family! The Slumber Parties Consultants who once donned red are now proudly choosing to change their wardrobe to pink. It takes strong and brave people to make this change, and their bravery has inspired me to be a better leader.

Pure Romance also recently moved its corporate office to downtown Cincinnati and is excited to share that the grand opening of the new headquarters will take place on Valentine’s Day , February 14th! Cincinnati city council and local economic development officials have been so supportive of this move, and we are looking forward to rubbing elbows with the downtown business community. Downtown Cincinnati seems to have brought back the “Welcome Wagon”- do you remember those? Back in the day, these were the groups of kind people who would bring information, gifts and food to your front door to welcome you when you first arrived to a community. We have received such a warm welcome from so many of our new neighbors… downtown staple Knocback Nats’ and the beautiful Palomino’s recently approached us to offer Pure Romance Happy Hours in the near future, Taste of Belgium graciously stepped up to prepare breakfast for all of our employees, and we have been flourished with goodies from Plaza Café, Downtown Cincinnati Inc., Neyer Management, and Key Bank, further reminding us that the choice to move downtown was the perfect fit for us and all of our neighbors. As we begin to get out and experience all downtown has to offer, we also stopped into newly-opened Obscura in the Central Business District for an elegant experience that left me even more excited about trying many of these downtown venues. Its owners also rolled out the “pink” carpet for our Consultants, offering wonderful ideas for Pure Romance events in the future. It has been truly wonderful to receive such a warm welcome!

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