Write from the Heart

As I was preparing my home in Florida to welcome our Board and President’s club members, I made a point of laying out several scrapbooks of letters that had been given to me at our National convention this year for everyone to see. The fact that someone had taken the care and the time to write something just for me is the best gift I could ever receive.

Letters that say I have inspired someone, or given them an opportunity that has changed their life are treasures that provide me with the fuel I need to continue my mission whenever I need strength.

No matter the occasion, handwritten notes, whether they took a few minutes or an hour to write, is one of the most meaningful ways to tell someone that you are thinking about them.

Love letters are also a perfect way to refresh a relationship that feels like it has gone stagnant and help keep the love tank full.

If you think back to the days before email and texts, couples relied on written notes to convey their love back and forth when they were separated by war or traveling for long periods time.

Now that our lives have become so busy and we find ourselves constantly rushing from one activity to another, taking the time to write out how you feel will show someone that you were giving them one of your most precious resources- your time, and leave them with a memento they will treasure forever.

If you haven’t started doing so already, start a box of the cards and notes you collect over time, however small they may be. I can promise that it will provide inspiration during those moments that you need it most.

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  1. Brenda Greathouse

    It hurts my heart that so little time is spent today on encouraging our children and grandchildren to express themselves through the written word. Note writing was one of the most important rules my great grandmother taught me. Today my oh- so romantic husband has retaught me the value of the need to record our memories or quick thoughts of each other.

    We keep a box of the cards and notes we have written or sent to each other on our nightstand. It’s easily accessible when one of us is down and needs a pick me up. Sometimes it’s great to go through them together.

    But we are a techie couple. It’s always a tiny thrill when he sends me a quick text message or emails me something just to say he is thinking of me. Usually it’s between meetings or when something reminds him of me. It works both ways. We are developing our own short hand.

    Thanks for sharing! I love to have a reason to talk about my hub ie.

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