Romance: Italian Style

I just returned from a week’s vacation in one of my favorite places in the world, Italy, and I can tell you what a nice change of pace it is compared to my on-the-go lifestyle. There, everyone takes the time to enjoy everything about life, from the coffee they sip to their fantastic wine- even right down to the noodles on their plate.

So, it’s of little wonder that their courtships are also longer- because they take the time to enjoy actually dating. Both sexes seem to enjoy a good pursuit and can be seen out and about visibly expressing their interest in one another and showing each other affection.

The art of dating is a skill that Italians have long since mastered, and while their public displays of affection might seem over the top by American standards, it is something that we should certainly try to apply to our own lives. In order to truly improve our intimacy with one another, we most focus on our confidence and communication skills.

In a recent study of 1,200 Italians, the majority indicated that they would still prefer to socialize face to face as opposed to online via social media. In our technology-driven society, it’s not uncommon to see couples texting while on a date and not actually taking the time to get to know the person sitting across from them.

As I watched Italian couples interact, it became clearer as to why Italians are perceived as such passionate people- they have been trained to communicate fearlessly with one another face-to-face, not hiding behind a screen. It’s that same sense of confidence that we Americans find so alluring as well.

Everything about the country creates a romantic feeling, from the sweet smells wafting through the air, to the small candlelit table at a corner bistro. Of course, the scenery itself is nothing short of breathtaking, and something definitely worth sharing with a special someone. With the perfect atmosphere for romance, it’s of little wonder why Italians like to think of themselves as the ‘world’s greatest lovers.’

So even though the expression Ciao Bella! is slowly creeping into our English vocabulary, you can’t help but feel sexy when you know that they’re actually saying, “goodbye beautiful!” That’s the kind of flirtation a girl could get used to!

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