Why You Shouldn’t Fake It

Most of us remember the notorious scene from Harry Met Sally where Sally puts on an Oscar Worthy orgasmic performance to prove a point to Harry in a café diner. Years later, the fact still remains: many women still fake orgasms.

Well, I’m here to tell you that if this is your case, you are doing you and your partner a major injustice! By faking pleasure, you’re not only neglecting your needs but you aren’t being honest with your partner. Let’s face it; if you’re faking in the bedroom, where else are you faking? Being in a relationship is about being open enough to communicate about all aspects especially the tougher topics that may embarrass you like issues regarding your sexuality.

The other potential side effect of faking pleasure and not communicating your intimate needs is the risk that one partner may begin to look outside the relationship for satisfaction. Couples have to understand the importance of making an effort and not taking each other for granted. This means continuing to do the little things, and using the same sort of thoughtfulness and caring gestures you did when you were first courting. This is also true when it comes to your intimate life.

Do you remember when you first met your partner and you were over the moon in love? You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other and counted the seconds until you could see one another again? It’s natural for intimacy to become more “habitual” when you’re relationship gets more comfortable, but couples can’t expect it to get better on its own. You have to be open to new ideas and exploring new ground, and faking your pleasure will only make it worse.

So next time you’re tempted to fake it in the bedroom, remember, you’re only short-changing yourself. And always keep in mind, orgasms are not the end-all-be-all to having a wonderful sexual experience and you should never feel bad or uncomfortable if you make love with your partner without a physical climax. At the end of the day, when you love one another you will make the effort to have a pleasurable relationship in and outside of the bedroom.

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  1. Camie (Bunny) Roberts

    I totally agree with your blog. If you are faking pleasure you are telling your partner a LIE! and a lie is a lie no matter the grounds. I’m so glad that there are still women in the world that don’t fake it with their partners! Thank you!

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