Vacation for One

Summer is upon us, and many of you are more than likely planning for, and excited about, a vacation. Whether that vacation is to a tropical destination or simply in your own backyard, Pure Romance can make your leisure time that much more enjoyable. Taking time away from daily responsibilities gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A vacation is a perfect time for you to pamper yourself and get in touch with yourself, doing the things that make you feel good. One way I’ve always done this is just through a simple manicure and pedicure. As a woman, pampering yourself can be both relaxing and rewarding, not to mention lead to a boost in confidence.

Pure Romance has many products that are great for pampering yourself. One great product in this category is Coochy, a rash free shave cream that leaves your skin smooth and alleviates razor rash. Now that it’s officially summer, it will also get your legs and bikini line bathing-suit ready! It moisturizes the hair follicle so you can get a closer shave without irritating the skin. Get your skin wet, apply the cream to the area you intend to shave and allow it to soak into the skin. This will give it time to moisturize the hair follicle, alleviating some of the irritation that can occur when you shave. This product smells great and will leave your skin smooth and ready for the pool or beach.

Moisturizing your tanned skin can prolong your summer glow and leave your skin silky smooth and oh-so-touchable. Pure Romance’s Body Dew is an all-over after bath oil infused with carnation oil. Body Dew comes in three delightful scents, and is more moisturizing than most lotions. This is another great way to pamper your skin. The pheromones infused in this product can increase your confidence as well, making you feel sexy during your vacation and all summer long!

If you aren’t planning a fantasy getaway to a tropical paradise, making a plan to get together with your closest girlfriends is a fantastic way to spend some of your vacation time. Whether it’s for a relaxing dinner or a Wine Tasting, this is a wonderful way to unwind and relax. It gives you time to catch up with each other, which can be therapeutic. Another fun way to spend a night together with the girls is by hosting a Pure Romance party. What better way to share your time than in the comfort of your own home? Go to to learn more about hosting a Pure Romance party; it promises to be a night filled with friends, fun and laughter!

Having personal time is a luxury worth indulging. Learning more about yourself and your likes, wants, desires and passions can be very rewarding. Pure Romance offers different types of products that can help you to learn more about these aspects of yourself. Your vacation may be the perfect time to spend getting to know your body and your sexuality. Besides our bath and beauty products, we offer books and intimacy enhancement products for you to explore your sexual needs and desires. Pure Romance’s Nectar Connector is a great clitoral stimulator that can assist in the exploration of your body. This vibrating bird provides stimulation to the entire vulva. The beak will provide clitoral stimulation, while the wings vibrate around the lips of the vagina. The tail will stimulate the opening of the vagina. There are many other options available. I encourage you to find the right one for you, and have fun! Being away from day-to-day responsibilities can be a great time for you to explore your body because you will be less likely to focus on what you have going on in those busy aspects of your life.

Vacation is also the perfect time to pick up a new book. My first book, Pure Romance Between the Sheets, is a wonderful resource which will provide you with information and diagrams that can strengthen your self-awareness. This book can also give you some fresh ideas on self-pleasure.

Taking time to relax and enjoy time away from your daily obligations and responsibilities is important. Remember to use your vacation as a time to rejuvenate. Relax, pamper yourself, set some time to catch up with your girlfriends, and remember to take time for yourself. Self-exploration is important, and incorporating this in your down time can be beneficial since you will have fewer distractions.

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